1/144 HG Cherudim Gundam Review

“We need order. CABAL.  The Brotherhood needs CABAL.

CABAL is order.    

CABAL is the hand of Kane.”   

– Anton Slavik on CABAL   

Adapted from Tiberian Sun: Firestorm   

Time for another model kit review after so long. Today I’ll be doing the 1/144 High Grade Cherudim Gundam from the second season of Gundam Double 0.   

And right of the back you can see that the Cherudim is a very impressive model. Being the successor of the Dynames, the unit was designed on long/medium range attacks that exceeded it predecessor, while still being able to hold the line. It is very detailed. The chest vents are actually yellow pieces. Though they can’t be seen most of the time, Bandai decided to put those there instead of leaving it grey or something (which they could!). And that really goes to say something.  

And right off the top it already has that GM Sniper (or Striker, whichever you fanboys are more accustomed to) feel to it. But there’s something that separates the Cherudim from other models.    

Looks good eh? Wait for it...


That green loogy hanging out of its butt? Yeap, that’s its GN Drive! Right in that stubby little racoon tail. Make you kinda wonder why it never got cut off throughout the course the second season. I wouldn’t worry about it getting shot since the armoured bits are usually around it.   

I spy with my sexy eye, something red and anorexic.

But before I stray into the topic of ass thrusters, let us continue with its articulation.   

Articulation on this model is rather good for its time. The shoulder polycap can bend forwards and back wards on a ball joint. Thus allowing it to reach out and grab things that usually impossible for other model kits such as the sniper rifle handle. And like the newer Gundams it has that movable wrist joint that allows it to touch its shoulders.   

Leg articulation is also just as impressive. The model is double jointed and has alot of bend in it. What I really like about it is the way the center leg joint folds out almost in the style of most Master Grade kits.     

The tail articulation is simple. Though sometimes it interferes with the waist articulation by hitting the back of the thrusters and the beam pistols when they are in storage. This is less of a problem when the pistols are in use.   

The tail also serves an extra function in case your not already cheesed off with it.   

Deploying Juggernaut!

 Balancing this guy is certainly not gonna be a problem. And with a third leg, you can shoot the stars (or helions) any time you want.   

accessories. It comes with a whole bunch, so I’m gonna list them.   

You get:   

– 2 GN Beam Pistols (MK II)   

– 1 GN Sniper Rifle (also MK II)   

– 9 GN Shield Bits   

– 1 clear stand for mounting the Shield Bits   

– 2 clear ‘V’ pieces (part of the stand)   

– 2 clear ‘I’ pieces (also part of the stand)   

– 1 extra open hand    

– 1 clear visor scope   

Now that’s a mouthful. And considering you wont be using all of them at one go, some stuff might get misplaced if your careless.   

The GN Sniper Rifle when in storage is mounted on the right shoulder. A movable clip above the trigger conceals it when handheld.   

When in use the Rifle has two forms. Firstly as the submachine gun (SMG) form which boasts 3 barrels with its already rapid rate of fire.   

This mode... It does NOTHING.

 And secondly as the Sniper form we know all too well. interestingly enough, the SMG form is how it’s stored on the shoulder. Turning it into the rifle form just require sliding out the sniper barrel (its held on by a groove), inverting it and attaching it so as it covers all three of the SMG’s barrels.   

In both the rifle and SMG form there is a movable handle on the side which compliments the arm articulation mentioned before. However if your not satisfied, that’s where the open hand comes in.   

Boom. Headshot.

 The pistols are also dual purpose as well. They hold in the hand pretty snugly and do what pistols are supposed to do. They are stored in the back when not in use and the storage form also doubles as the tomahawk form.    

Cynically less acurate than the Strike Noir.

 Why the Cherudim was not given beam sabers like the Dynames had, I don’t know. I personally feel that beam sabers would work alot better with this guy rather than snubby little meat cleavers.  

"Okay listen closely. When you want to kill a Witch, you use this technique. Its called the stab-my-metal-blade-in-your-back trick."

 The main highlight of the Cherudim is the Shield Bit system. In the show its something like the GN Fangs except less pokey. But while Fangs are offensive weapons, the Shield Bits are a defensive system. Picture Dragoons or Funnels that block of beam attacks and can still fire.  

The transparent stand given is for mounting of the Bits.  The pegs on the stand are similar to the ones on the Cherudim so they all just click into place perfectly. The extra clear parts are for customizing the position of the Bits, but this is the most generic configuration for it.  

One of many shield configurations.

Lastly the ocular vizors which connect to two rotating connectors on the Cherudim’s thrusters. I’d rather use the that than the scope eye which I will explain soon.  

Now on to the part where I rant to my heart’s content: the problems.  

The Cherudims doesn’t boast many. Just two. The eye scope and the legs.  

I really hate the eye scope the most. While the Dynames’s eye scope is behind the V-fin, the Cherudims is that red gem on the forehead. And its not even a gem!  

Basically when you first purchase your Cherudim, the scope cover is a clear piece. Bandai gives you a red sticker for it. Heres the interesting bit, most stickers are adhesive under the colours. The adhesive on this sticker is on the color. Straight away I could tell this sticker is different in texture and adhesive to the others on the model. And seriously its is a pain on the butt to get on.   

And it doesn’t help that the connection of the (now red) piece is so loose to the head. Even a slight bump will cause it to fall off. It’s neither held by pegs or by fricton. Its worse off than the Seraphim’s V-fin.  

But a teeny bit of UHU Glue and that thing will stay on. For now.  

And then there’s the foot articulation. I was always amazed at how they defined the Cherudim’s leg from it foot. Looking closely, the leg actually ends slightly above the foot. Because they are both white in colour, its hard to tell. And the leg articulation suffers due to this design.  

The foot can’t bend side to side alot, and with that, suffers from ‘Strike Syndrome’. Whats more is that its foot is small and has to support the weight of its large upper thorso. I guess thats why they added heel spurs.  

All in all the Cherudim is a very good model kit to get.  And if you’re a fan of the second season, why not add him to your collection?  

Heres the verdict.  


Great articulation  

Play value  

Very detailed  


Loose head piece  

Foot articulation.  

You want the best? Here it is.

Thats about it. Great articulation, lots of accesories and play value. Though the bugs are annoying, they are kinda minor enough to fix. Though if your planning to purchase him, I suggest you get the GNHW/B version which adds two more pistols and the GN Rifle Bits! I certainly reccomend the Cherudim.  

An action base would be reccomended for this guy if your unhappy with its feet.  

Final rating: 3.5/5 stars  

"Comment on this review-OR ELSE."



~ by Raisha on February 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “1/144 HG Cherudim Gundam Review”

  1. This is so totally GM Sniper all the way. GM Strikers are totally different units, just for the people who don’t plan on collecting their military retirement pay. 😀

    Truth be told I’m surprised they even bothered to make the scope piece, though it seems like they got bored of the process halfway and decided to skimp on it.

    • For some reason the Cherudim’s armour placements remind me of the GM Striker. XD
      True though, I would have rather they completely forgo’ed the scope piece. Either they make it proper and keep it there, or fail to do so and remove it completely.

  2. The 00 1/144v kits have certainly changed my opinion about the scale. I used to build nothing but 1/100 and 1/60, but my brother got me a 1/144 exia and I was blown away. I now have 9 1/144 scalers on a mirrored display. The new HG are almost as good as the 1/100 HG counterparts and light years better than the 1/100 non grades. I haven’t gotten this one yet, but will be adding it soon. It looks great.

  3. I really disliked the Gundam SEED anime, so what really drew me to this kit was the detail. There are so many little things that make this model great, such as opening panels in the legs, the folding beam rifles on the sides of the hips, the cockpit opens, etc. If you want a model that’ll take you some time to build, this one provides a satisfying challenge and result.

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