Gathering of the Inner Circle (pt.1)

“Let’s get something straight: I don’t take orders from you. I’m not fighting this war for you. I fight for the Forgotten.”

-Umagon, to MacNeil, before embarking on a mission.

Adapted from Tiberian Sun

On thursday night, plans were made for a joint military exercise that would span across the allied territories of our nation.

On Friday noon at 1200 hours the people at Hanger Bay B-07, Silent Stronghold and guerilla forces ‘MUPPET’, finally met up to commence one of (perhaps) three major joint operations. The first exercise, as planned, would take place at the region of Hanger Bay B-07.

After the rendezvous at Tampines Interchange, CF, Isaac and I started our trek to his residence. What seem to me like hours of plane-shaft walking turned out to be 15min on his scale.

Luckily the local sights and getting in touch with nature were more than enough to keep my spirit (or legs in this case) going through the blazing noon sun. Especially this particular sight.

The poor children!!! XD

From technology expenditure, to childcare? Nice move.

Upon arrival, we quick to make do with whatever time we had to relax. Isaac didn’t hesitate to show us his Mudkip collection.

So i heard joo liek Mudkips, ja?

After that we quickly set up our equipment, and soon we were ready to commence battle.

A series of guerilla battles and perhaps one too many techie mines later, it was undoubtedly that Isaac’s skill in forest warfare is unmatched.

The reason the Garena community is scarred is because of one man alone.

But when the situation finally called for modern warfare, Isaac was, well…

Like I say, at least your not below the AI.

Erm yeaaaa. Going to show you don’t take a guerilla to do a general’s job. And vice-versa.

Indeed it was an eventful day. Though it took awhile for the media documents to gether, I managed to also get a glimpse of the technological advances of weapons over there. It’s certainly a history worth seeing once again.

With that I conclude the first Joint Military Exercise. Hopefully the next on Monday will be just as eventful, and the authorities over here wont be so hard up. 

From Hanger Bay B-07 with love.

Wish you were here Willy!

"I see wat joo did there."



~ by Raisha on February 28, 2010.

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