Gathering of the Inner Circle (pt.2)

“Perhaps when McNeil arrives to kill you, you will take sometime to learn from the man.   

I’m sure he’ll teach you lessons you’ll carry for the rest of your life, which, by the way, is about seven minutes.”   

-Kane to General Vega on his imminent demise.   

Adapted from Tiberian Sun   

Monday marked the second Joint Military Exercise by yours truly. This time the host location was at none other than Silent Stronghold. Cant say it was the most eventful, due to my lack of entertainment resources and overwhelmingly strict curfew Nazi parents, but it still had its equal share of laughs and cusses.Data is abit lacking for this event, so feel free to fill in the pieces.   

As such, here are the highlights of the main battles.   

Could have been worst, eh?

Isaac decided to take a more ‘Mudkip Friendly’ approach for the modern warfare assault, but didn’t seem to turn in his favour as usual.   

Hitting them hard, air, sea, and ground.

Last but not least, we managed to get Counter Strike: Source to work via lan. After a slight debate on the AI configurations, we settled on the three of us ganking a single expert AI… with devastating consequences.   

Though no one kept a tab on the score, let me assure you that out of 50 terrorist attacks, the Counter-T team would only be able to stop 4. And that’s as much as four, one’s. And that sucks.   

CF also managed to send in the re-tooled Blue Frame 2nd L’s tactical arms. Commissioned by him, it will now make a great addition to Miki’s- I mean… My arsenal. Ohohoho~   

A bustersword Cloud could love.

Such concludes Joint Military Exercise part 2. Once again, the media documents are delayed so I’ll have part 3 up and running by friday.   

Kicking arse, while doing it in style!

 And with that, I leave my final words; the Counter Strike: Source AI is a CHEATING WHORE.   

"Headshot with a AK-47 at 5 miles?!"



~ by Raisha on March 3, 2010.

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