The Layton Mystery

“Winter there is cold, yes.

But this winter… could be different?”

-Lieutenant Zofia to the Soviet Commander

Adapted from Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge


Upcoming this month we will be seeing the release of Revoltech Yamaguchi’s 86th figurine: Professor Layton. 

Of course at that point, prior to the  information release on Ngee Khiong, I had totally no idea who on earth Professor Layton was. And my sense of humour was not enthusiastic enough to make me wiki him up.

At least until I passed by Tanah Merah MRT Station today.

Apparently I missed out on the upcoming movie based on him.

I still havent wiki’ied him up yet, but I’m assuming he’s some Sherlock Holmes with a major top hat and with some anti-gravity english tea.

Professor Layton: Eternal Diva premiers in cinemas on March 18. Movie is in Japanese with english and chinese subtitles. Revoltech Professor Layton release on March 15th, 2400 yen.

Looks like a pretty interesting movie to catch. Thats considering you havent been utterly traumatized by Ponyo.

Stay tuned for the 3rd installment of the Joint Military Exercise article and the Arios Gundam Review!



~ by Raisha on March 11, 2010.

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