1/144 HG Arios Gundam Review

“I have spent many long days to find the perfect place where to deploy this weapon.   

There is only one small problem.   

The perfect place is to be found here, in a tiny Island in Florida key, just a few kilometres from Soviet Cuba!”     

-Albert Einstein, on the Chronosphere’s debut 

Adapted from Red Alert 2 


Welcome back comrades. In the midst of updating the Joint Military Exercise article three and part four of the collaboration, today I’ll be reviewing the 1/144 HG Arios Gundam from the second season of Gundam Double 0.  

After Allelujah’s lock away at the London tower, Celestial Being had to be prepared for future combat. And considering that the Kyrios was captured by the UN Forces, they had to create the Arios from scratch. And my, they sure did a fine job with it. But what bugs me is still the GN drive placement.  

Undoubtedly one of the most awesome mobile suits out there.

Not that I have anything against GN crotch Drives...

While the Cherudim’s one is on the form a tail, the Arios’s is in its CROTCH.

Articulation for this model is rather unique. Since it has to accommodate a rather long Mobile Armour (MA) mode, its joints have been adjusted to do just that. 

This means that it is articulate greatly in some areas but suffers in other as a result of it. Point of example is the shoulder joints. It is connected to the body by a ball joint facing up. There is another joint in the actual shoulder itself and of course the usual stuff from the arm down.  

Because of this arrangement, the Arios can poist its arm all the way to the top (though this is mostly for the MA feature).  Arms are also double jointed to the point that it can touch its own shoulder.  

There is a ball joint connection in the waist allowing it to move around. Though a bit loose on mine, the black sensor on the back kinda acts as a stopper to prevent it from rotating too much on its own.  

Leg articulation suffers a bit as well. Despite how the instruction manual display it, the legs of the Arios wont actually bend past a miniature degree unless you pull the legs out from the lower torso. But other than, it still rather good right down to the feet.  

Good power rating, bad handling.

 In terms of accessories, like the Cherudim, it comes with quite a few so I’ll list them out.    

Armament wise, you get:  

– 1 GN Twin Beam Rifle  

– 2 GN Beam sabers (stored in front skirt when not in use)  

– 2 GN submachine guns (mounted on each arm with covers)  

Other non gimmick weapons would include 2 GN vulcans on the shoulders and the GN beam shield (for when in MA mode)  

Extra accessories are:  

– 2 clear pink beams (one long, one shorter)  

– 1 display base – 2 different base connectors (for holding the Arios in either MA or MS form)  

– 1 stand connector (attached to the cro- I mean GN Drive)  

Once again quite a mouth full. The top barrel of the GN twin beam rifle is movable and  is used for raining hell on targets below it in MA form.  

GN submachine guns are concealed. There are two sets of grooves on the arm, on longer and one shorter. Placing the caps on the shorter one expose the barrels. Likewise, placing the caps on the longer ones conceal it.  

Duck hunting with sv_cheats 1

The beam sabers are the standard ones used by all four Gundams, however the Arios’s one has rectangular holes on the sides that allow it to be pegged into nubs in the front skirt. But why on earth would the give two beam sabers of varying length is still unknown. The only major difference of the saber blades is that they are flatter than normal.  

"Stupid dog!!! STOP GIGGLING!"

 Of course the main reason you buy this puppy is for the, oh, so awesome MA form!  

South Korea has Black Eagles. North Korea has Stratofighters.

Transforming it is rather simple once you get use to its features. Every part of the MS remains on in this form so there’s no need to part swap or remove hands and whatnot. Which is kinda one of the good points for this model kit unlike its anscestor, the Kyrios.  

In this form, the GN shield can finally be used, to it’s not so much a beam/physical shield than it is a big crusher claw of doom. The twin beam rifle still remains mounted on the hand, only this time round with the handle inverted.  

"Pinchy pinchy!"

And now on to problems with the kit. 

The good and the bad kinda even out against each other real good. 

As mentioned before, the articulation suffers because of the MA form in more ways than none. 

Because of the arm design, getting it to do the traditional point-the-beam-rifle-at-the-front-pose is impossible, if not, awkward looking. The shoulder joint is also very loose and turns to flop all over the place. But if you get it in the right spot, it will hold.  

Next of course, gosh darn, are the stickers. Luckily the Arios has no annoying V-fin stickers. But in exchange for that, Bandai gave you bloody leg wing stickers that wrap around so many times they fall off. And it doesn’t help that the groves which the wings slot through keep causing the stickers to peel off.  

Beam rifle is very loose in the hand and tends to fall off when in MA form. Would have like it better if they made it like the Kyrios’s beam rifle.  

Overall the Arios, though was one of the more promising models I anticipated, disappointed me quite a bit. 



MA form 




Though I would suggest getting the Arios if you intend to complete your Gundam collection or if you already have the GN Archer, however with the re-release of the Arios GNHW/B would be a more money-worthy choice. 

If they ever do a 1/144 HG Arios Ascalon, I’m still gonna get it either way. Lets hope Gundam Harute wont suffer the same problem. 

Final Rating  2.5/5 stars 



~ by Raisha on March 15, 2010.

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  1. I guess your final rating does prove that much of the Arios’ appeal comes from Doublelujah? XD

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