Gathering of the Inner Circle (pt.3)

“History is much like an endless waltz; the three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue on forever.” 

-Mariemaia Kushrenada 

Adapted from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz 


And so once again the 3rd installment of our joint gatherings. Data took awhile to get together. This time round taking place at Isaac’s place. 

Like CF, Isaac’s place is also passed a whole bunch of Viridian forests. Only this time round you actually do wind up right in the forest. A forest full of stuff. 

I’ll get to that in awhile, but first lets see the highlights of that day.   

Isaac needed working on.


 As usual, the act of global domination resumes as normal. Ironically this time round there, guerrilla warfare was not on the menu. However Isaac decided to take us on a journey to hell’s kitchen during a round of KFC 300, with devastating results. 

In Soviet Sparta, chickens eat YOU.

 Feeling abit bold from the pecking order of business, Isaac decided to challenge me  (or was it the other way round?…) to a bout of Tiberian Sun. You know the rest. 

"Are those stealth tanks I see?"

 Unsatisfied by his unruly defeat. Isaac took it out on me in a fight for global domination of a cheese island. Worms 2 style. Sadly the final score was not captured, but rest assured I won. Proving that Super Banana Bomb > Super Sheep. 

Anyway, away from the other events, I’d like to say how much I love his place. Well mainly because, it’s a treasure throve of history. Anything from childhood day’s past, is all here be it old Star Wars collectibles to old school board games. He has it. 

History in a box, part 1


History in a box, part 2

 I also manage to get a glimpse of the technology behind their fighting forces. 

The true might of the guerrillas includes, but not limited to, mobile artilleries and Kodos.


But of course when needed, they can call upon the bigger guns.

 With that you now know that they aint pushover’s either. 

Lots of lovely old consoles as well. 

Suprisingly these consoles actually hold the detonation key for the landmines at their front door.

 I believe that no one has ever raided his treasures before. Firstly you probably have a hard time finding what you want (if you’ve seen his place) and you wont be able to steal them all at one go. You’d need a cargo truck for that. 

And secondly his house is guarded by angry hornets, rabid rodents, and crazy kodos turtles. 

With that, I leave you with the final pictures of the day. 

"Alright, lets deligate!"


Isaac's Bro. Working quietly from the sidelines.


Negotiations? What negotiations?




~ by Raisha on March 22, 2010.

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