Raisha Reviews: Manga – Midori no Hibi

“Men!? Where are my men?! You wouldn’t consider letting me go would you? Please don’t hurt me…”

-General Fai being the coward that he is

Adapted from CNC Generals: Zero Hour

About a week back during one of the minor Joint Military Exercises, CF recommended to me a manga which he had so as to satisfy my harem craving ever since To Love Ru.

The manga Midori no Hibi or Midori Days is one of many such stuff in his collection. And though he only had the solid copy of book 1, I was prompted to complete the rest of the series one OneManga.com

So, after about week of marathoning whilst juggling prayer services, contemplating my GN Archer review and when the fourth installment of our gathering will be, I’ll be reviewing (for the first time) this all so epic comic right here.

Be warned, this review may contain spoilers. Midori no Hibi is your generic slice of life/comedy/harem/light romance manga.

When Yin meets Yang ...Just not the normal way.

Seiji Sawamura is a 17 year old kick ass delinquent. And he has no trouble fending himself, or others from any thug across the street thanks to his magnificent ‘Devils Right Hand’ (or simply put it, ‘My Fist to Your Face trick’).

And it’s also thanks to this hard up nature that has caused him to become one of the most feared students of his high school. Unfortunately for him, everyone fears him- including many girls. Thats right.

Underneath the angst, tantrum and rebelliousness, Seiji is an utter softy for girls. His one and only dream is to one day have a girlfriend. And as mentioned before, his character persona just doesn’t cut it in enticing the ladies. 

Drowning his sorrows in bed, Seiji rants to himself on his bullshiat life of never having a girlfriend for 17 years now, and fears that if this keeps up the only companion he’s ever gonna have is his right hand.

Funny you should say that because…

Wild Shuppet appears!

 …And faster than a Meepo pooofing on a target, a girl suddenly (and scarily) takes the form of Seiji right hand. Literally. I mean, there’s no legs and all, but you still got some excellent curves.

Shuppet uses tackle! Its super effective!

The girl turns out to be Midori Kasugano, a 16 year old girl who had a long going crush on Seiji since the day immemorial. Her wish was to one day be a part of Seiji one way or another.

Erm, yeeeeaaaa. Look how well that turned out.

I’d scream the shit out of myself if that happened to me. Likewise, although freaked out at first, Seiji grows to realize how useful having a such a dedicated housewife-type girl on your hand can be. And right off the first chapter Midori already saves him from two female assassins bent on settling a vendetta with him.

Though a little banged up (considering a ‘punch’ in Midori terms is the equivalent of a ‘head butt’), Seiji is reluctantly tasked with the job of looking after Midori (though most of the times its vice versa).  Things do change as the story progresses.

The series is rather slow to start off at first. Though mentioned once at the beginning, Midori’s ‘condition’ was only addressed very much later on into the chapters. In between you get alot chaos ensuing. Firstly you get to see the 101 ways he tries to conceal a girl on his hand. Thankfully the standard issue long sleeve uniforms prevent unwanted attention.

Secondly, with Midori around 24/7, Seiji’s life is altered thanks to her. Even though Seiji is constantly being looked after by her, he is refused a single drop of delicious porn. He soon becomes less aggravated and starts to become a more down to heart person which eventually paves the road to his redemption.

Lastly as expected from the genre, you get a truckload of unwanted harem. Just when you think our protagonist has the one girl he will ever need, 10 more show up. Each with their own history, personality and whatnot. Seriously, the vastness is enough to satisfy any type of feminine craving you desire from tsundere to loli.

*ahem* but most importantly, what I really like of Midori no Hibi is the character development. Not just for the main pair but for almost every one of the secondary characters as well. Yes, almost all the characters have development along the way. And its through this that Seiji starts to understands the human spirit  and the meaning of love.

It’s satisfying to know that by the end of it all, everyone got their fair share to shine. I also LOLed hard at the Gundam reference in the middle of the series. XD

But of course, whats a review without the problems I came across.

Well, actually it’s not much a prob, but some scenes of Midori no Hibi are NSFW. Or NSFH (not safe for home) for that matter. Dont get me wrong, there are no sexual scenes. But occasionally you may come across some partial nudity. And considering how strict a parents I live with, a boob flashing Midori is a no no. If you don’t want to get into minor trouble for something as peckish as this, then I suggest reading it when your alone.

Thats about it really. And with that, here’s the verdict:


Awesome storyline/plot

Harem buffet

Love the character development

Artwork is visually pleasing


rare occurence of nudity may be startling (at first =3)

Overall, Midori no Hibi is one heck of a manga! I usually go by the rule that ‘any manga that makes me wish I was part of the action, is a good one’. And it sure is.

I didn’t think of it much at first when CF lend it to me but in the end I simply loved it. Story is awesome and riddled with romance, all the characters change for the better by the end of it, lovely artwork and lastly a satisfying ending is all that’s needed to give this manga my seal of approval.

If you a fan of this kind genre then I say read it! Buy it, find it online right here or simply borrow it from your friend like I did. Just do it.

Final Rating 5/5 stars.



~ by Raisha on March 26, 2010.

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