1/144 HG GN Archer Review

“Is that Einstein?”    

“Yes, doctor, the man most responsible for our enemies technological superiority… the man who made them invincible.”    

-Gregor and Cherdenko, before Einstein’s erasure    

Adapted from Red Alert 3    

As I attempt to marathon as many reviews as I can before the new semester starts again, here is the next on my list: the 1/144 HG GN Archer or Gun Archer from the second season of Gundam Double 0.    

Much later into Marie’s stay on the Ptolemy 2, the GN Archer was brought on deck by Ian from Langrange 3. And was used alongside with Arios to escort the escape ships away from the combat zone. From that point on it would see much more battles during its time in active service.    

A very nice looking mobile suit (MS) in my opinion. It’s primary colours of predominantly white with red and black make a very good combination. And because of its design, its one of the few MS’s out there to have a genuine feminine look/feel to it.    

Also known as the GN Astray

and holds the record for 'Worlds largest backpack'

 While having such a large arse thruster may be abit of a turnoff, in this case it actually serves as a balance for the Archer especially since, it too, has tiny feet.    

Articulation on the model is decent enough. Its head can rotate 360, but your gonna have to watch out for that antenna at the back of its head. Its arm articulation is not spectacular but is sufficable for some good action poses. Its legs can’t go in and out from the sides much due to those rounded plates on it. Double jointed legs make up for that and at the same time used for its mobile armour (MA) mode. Foot can go back and forth mostly also for the MA form.    

For those days when one gun just wont cut it.

In terms of accessories, it only has a few. Starting off would be 2 GN beam rifles. Its capable of dual wielding both and in MA form is, like the Arios, still handheld. It’s other actual armaments would be the GN vulcans mounted on the nose cone, a set of GN missiles that are housed in the Archer pack and two beam sabers similar to the Gundams.    

However as the kit does not provide the beam sabers (or the missiles for that matter T_T), the GN Archer can easily accept them from any of the season 2 Gundams of the same line. In this case, Im using the Arios’s.    

Lastly the set comes with 4 connector pieces mostly for the MA form which I will explain in a minute.    

Will return it back to Allelujah. I promise.

 And like the Arios, the main feature of this kit would be its MA form!    

"Wings? Where we're going we dont need wings."

Tranforming it is not at complicated if not ridiculously simple. All parts remain on the GN Archer in this form and only rotating of limbs is needed to acquire this form. I must say, I really like how the MA form turns out. In this mode it’s now more predominately red. If you turn it upside down, you can clearly see that the MS is still there and just cleverly concealed, what with that gigantic backpack.  

Now this is where the connector pieces Bandai gives you comes in handy. The first piece is an almost ‘Y’ shape piece. This allows you to mount the GN Archer on a stand in its MA form (as seen above) by clamping on to the chest area The second piece which is a long rectangular block and third which is a simple connector are used for achieving the, oh so awesome, Archer Arios mode. This of course requires that you purchase the Arios Gundam (or its heavy weapons counterpart). The resulting combination would be as shown:  

"I cant feel the pedal!"

Whoops, wrong one.  


That 'pegs' in that 'hole' reeeeeaaaal good.

As you can see the long block is connected to the stand. In truth, the reason for this arrangement is to hold the GN Archer on as well. A peg at the end of this block connects to the afore-mentioned. The third piece (connector) has a slide-on bit that goes into the nose cone of the GN Archer. Considering you have the placement of the two suits done correctly, the other end of the connector, which is a peg end, will connect into the hole of the Arios where its stand holder was meant to be. 

Alright lets see what problems this girl has.    

Firstly because of the design of the Archer pack, it conflicts with the hole in its crotch which is meant for an action base. This means that when mounted on a stand in MS form, it looks like it’s very badly propped up. The only way to remedy this is to adjust the base to an angle that makes it upright.    

Next, the feet tend to pop out when transforming back form MA to MS form. No remedy for it, but they pop back in easily as well and hold real good. No big.    

Lastly, the stickers may be abit of a problem at times. But mine is holding on pretty good for now.    

Now then, here is the final score!    


Decent articulation    

Play value    

MA form    


Not action base friendly    


Overall I daresay the GN Archer is a kit worth investing and would certainly compliment the Arios model very well (which is probably the reason you bought this in the first place). Not much on the accessory side, but with its good articulation, simplicity and overall play value, I definitely recommend this model to anyone. It’s both good in a pair or as a standalone model. 

5 more ways to add play value to your kit.

Final Rating: 3.5/5 stars    



~ by Raisha on March 31, 2010.

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  1. Dat Allelujah and marie pic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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