Rocking it old school, second to none!

“Do you know what it’s like to be attacked by a wave of INDESTRUCTIBLE tanks?


Then let me show you how the Iron Curtain works!”

-Oleg Vodnik

Adapted from Red Alert 3: Uprising

As a result of an ion storm yesterday, internet connections were, at best, sketchy. Compile that with Phui See’s dance fever and lack of zombie killing, and you get the latter unexpectedly dropping by Silent Stronghold to pay role call.

To be more precise, Phui See dropped by to collect the top-secret protocols for Audition SEA and Left 4 Dead 2’s stand-alone ver. for the same reason as mentioned.

Like a trip down memory lane, I was again brought back into the world of noseless citizens and physic defying stunts for almost the entire day. But being the old-timer, I could no longer pull of an eight-keyer like the ‘pros’ do, or chance to save my life. Least of all, against a cheating whore AI who spams the PERFECT key like it was standard procedure. It’s that Ghandi-breakingly annoying.

But with all the new modes that have come on ever since my departure in 2004, it certainly makes the game more entertaining in the flirt-with-the-chicks socialising factor. In which case I realised I could still…

…Reign as the boogie master,

…Pull of some anti-gravity (finale) moves,

….And score with the ladies like it was saturday night.

Of course, Phuisee was joining in on the fun all this time. After she got tired of being on the short end of the level 8 dance chain, we decided to just vent our fury on some zombies instead. No recon footage there unfortunately.

As the daylight came to a close and Phuisee en route back to the sullen western hemisphere called Buona Vista, I returned back to see who another old school game I played back in the days was doing. 

Image taken at approximately 7pm Singapore time, this was the server status at that point. 

Holy shit. Every server was, at best, populated. And for a game that was notorious for having the most crowded servers EVER (especially at night) this was not a feat to be snuffed at (though honestly we’ve seen better).

Legit players? Possible.

Gold Botters? Also possible.

A sign of change? The prospect of Joymax actually DOING something about botters? And most importantly, the return of Raisha & Musica for their final escapade?

Sadly its still to early to put my hopes up. Afterall I might just get let down in the weeks to come. However, with such a tasty server status, I wasted no time getting back in and tying up some loose ends.

…However old habits die hard, I admit.

In the end, today was prospectful in many ways. The future really holds a lot of unknowns, I realise. Not just because my campus has not yet released next semester’s timetable, but in other areas as well.

With that I leave you a picture of our lunch: spicy kankong that is two-third stem and one-third leaves. MmmmMmmm…




~ by Raisha on April 14, 2010.

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