Deathmatch! Modern Warfare 2 vs. Bad Company 2

Commander you are cleared to construct the Proton Collider. The effects of this weapon will be catastrophic on the densely packed Soviet bases.

-Allied Advisor

Adapted from Red Alert 3: Uprising

Recently the First-person shooters have become the fueling front of gamers.

And why not? Considering that many of the most awesome run-n’-gun games have come up such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

But amidst the chaos, picky fans such as myself are lamenting with choice on which game to pick up. Both emphasis on ‘realistic’ modernised warfare, both have seemingly good graphics and both are cheerios in the multiplayer factor. But most importantly, both ARE expensive. The last thing you want, is to spend your hard-earned money on a game your unlikely to play often or hate completely because of the community.

So, really? What to choose? Well, that’s why I’m here today. Using information gathered from friends within the Inner Circle, my ‘Outer’ circle, and from people I have known online such as from the Project Im@s Forums, I have compiled a rather credible comparison of the two games.

Unfortunately I have never played multiplayer for the two games. And considering that you will be getting these games for kicking arse online, intelligence gathered for this article are based on the MULTIPLAYER aspect of both games and nothing more.

Word of caution, this ‘review’ may contrast your views of both games. Your opinion MAY vary

The comparison will be split into several categories: Weapons, Vehicles, Maps, Leveling system, and Realism.

Alright? Starto~!

* Weapons *

As expected from both games of the theme, they feature weapons that exist in real life, though some may be abit exaggerated than others. Theres a whole variety of weapons to choose from. And it doesn’t end there. Weapon customization is present with (and not limited to) grenade launchers, different weapon sight configurations, etc.

Modern Warfare 2 offers a wide variety of explosives and grenades, including fragmentation, stun, flashbang, smoke, claymore mines, C4 charges and timed grenades.

Bad Company 2 offers standard grenades, smoke grenade launchers, anti-tank mines, and three different types of rocket launchers.

Both games also use a number of gadgets including heart beat sensors, sonar mines and whatnot.

However Bad Company 2, allows you to switch kits with a fallen oponent. In Modern Warfare, switching weapons ensures that you have a costant supply of ammo. Or salvage whatever mother nature provides. In Bad Company, swicthing kits with dead guys allows you to not only pick up his weapon, but also the extra equipment from the particular class you’ve taken from. Point of example would be to use an enemy Medic’s defib to revive your friend. Or switching to an Assualt class’s kit to refill your teamate’s ammo and then switching back.

Switching kits gets the advantage as it makes the game more tactical, and everyone more universal in the front line. When used to your advantage, you’ll find that you can probably do alot more than your current class limits you to do.

Winner: Bad Company 2


* Vehicles *

Ever since I started playing CNC Renegade back in 2005, I was utterly addicted to driving vehicles in the battlefield. That said, Bad Company and Modern Warfare feature vehicles you can use in you conquest fight. However, getting your hands on them… Is drastically different in both games.

Modern Warfare doesn’t actually let you be the driver of said vehicles. That kills. But you are the gunner. So you still can kill (no pun intended)! And the fun begins when you actually get in to gunner seat. You’d either be raining hell off a AC-130 ‘Spectre’ Gunship,  directing airstrikes from the viewpoint of a Predator UAV, or just down to basics with hitch-hiking on a helicopter while totting your gatling gun.  

Hold it! But there is to a catch to it. Right? Right. In order to get premium gold with this, you need to show high command you’ve got the right stuff by single-handedly killing a set number of enemies before you are granted this privilege. Thats considering, the enemy doesn’t get there first. 

In Bad Company 2, vehicles come right off the back. And like weapons, sweet Jesus, there are tons. Such as  tanks, UAVs, 4-wheelers, humvees, dune buggies and other vehicles including Helicopter gunships. Im getting euphoric just thinking about it! And with such a vast variety, the tactics that come with each unit expands the gameplay power greatly. Try tag-teaming with your buddy on a 4 wheeler, hiding your tank amongst the trees and raining death from the unknown, or just take your UAV out for a spin and hellfire strike with it.

Yes, in Bad Company, the UAV is controllable. But while it’s lacking compared to its Modern Warfare counterpart, it can kick ass if used by the right person. And when you actually score a hit with it, you’ll be yelling glee to your buddy on Skype.  

Winner: Bad Company 2


* Maps *

Both games offer a field of battle fields to duke it out.  In terms of sheer variety of terrain, Modern Warfare wins hands down. Bad Company features a variety of landscapes, from snow to jungle to desert, but cannot compete with urban landscapes offered in Modern Warfare. Though I’m more of an urban warfare kind of person, that said, Bad Company does offer huge open terrain that make you really wanna get ‘out there’ than camping most of the time.

However the difference here is the level of detail in the Modern Warfare’s maps against the sheer destructibility of the Bad Company’s maps.

There are alot of vantage points in Modern Warfare, but this also means that the enemy has their eyes on them just as much as you are. Much of the time even the good players are hiding behind a refrigerator or in a bathroom stall.

In Bad Company, anything and about everything can go up in smoke. If you thought Modern Warfare had it good with your gun capable of penetrating planes of wood, how about your gun capable of both penetrating AND smashing said plane to smithereens. High caliber fire can literally reduce your concrete wall of support to rubble. And what better way to flush that sniper out of the toilet, than to blow the whole toilet, sans building and everything, with your RPG?

Modern Warfare’s map detail does get the gold. But when you can blow the crap out of structures, who cares whats on the inside? 

Winner: Bad Company 2


* Leveling System *

One of the great things about Modern Warfare is the leveling system. The game constantly keeps you rewarded with new weapons and perks. Whats more, Prestige leveling system keeps you coming back for more. There’s no knock on it really.

Bad Company 2 also has a great leveling system, but with a few shortcomings in this category. First off, the class based leveling system encourages playing as a certain class to level up faster. This is fine and all, until you’re playing in a squad of 4 Engineers, when you desperately need a Medic or an Assault class for some spare ammo. Furthermore, there’s a pool of weapons that you unlock that you can use with any class.

This is a great upgrade from the original Bad Company, but there’s one HUGE problem: You can’t attach any scopes or sights to any of the weapons. That may be fine for the various shotguns you unlock, but how much better would the Thompson or G3 be with a red dot scope? I’m speechless that these weapons were essentially forgotten when it comes to upgrades. For that reason, along with Modern Warfare 2’s almost flawless system, I give the edge here to Modern Warfare

Winner: Modern Warfare 2


* Realism *

For Modern Warfare, the ability to shoot through various material, but not everything and the sheer customization of the experience.

In Bad Company, the destructibility, the sound, reviving dead teammates and squad system that keeps you from having to hear the mouth breathing morons on the opposite team scream racist epithets between rounds. Though Skype does help, but whatever.

Also snipers handled in two totally different ways.

In Modern Warfare 2, you have scope drift. This means the scope doesn’t stay in one place and you have to hold your breath, which gives you a few seconds of steady aim to get a kill. In Modern Warfare, you can also go prone and use this along with your terrain to keep your name from appearing above you when targeted, which is vital in most of the cramped maps of Modern Warfare 2.

In Bad Company 2, snipers are much more friendly to new recon members. There is no scope drift, you can’t go prone, and if someone sees you in the console version, they can target you with the select or back button, showing your position to everyone in your squad.

As mentioned above, terrain is destroyable. Not literally, but building will crumble in on any sad ass camper who’s in it, walls will go down after sustained fire, trees can be mowed down by vehicles to increase line of sight of your teammates, and wooden planks will shatter while you skewer the bloke on the other side with your 50 cal.

It doesn’t end there. Bad Company also introduces ‘Bullet Drop’. Like off the package, it means that everything is affected by gravity. Including your rounds. Likewise, rounds take time to reach their target. Especially tank rounds. Though its hard to forget the false science that Modern Warfare has taught you, you’ll soon find that having to wait for the bullet to travel super-long distances adds to the realism and suspense of Bad Company.

Lastly, Bad Company 2 is a team game. Just like in real war. You don’t just run off on your own and hero hunt your way up to the top of the leaderboard.

Winner: Bad Company 2


Well then, that concludes our ultimate showdown. Now lets reel in the final score

Final score Bad Company 2: 4/5, Modern Warfare 2: 1/5

Overall Winner: Battlefield Bad Company 2

As this review has gone long enough, now I shall just give my personal reasons why I prefer Bad Company 2 over Modern Warfare 2

Weapons: Both are okay in this factor. But because you can switch kits in Bad Company 2, it means you can use all of the enemies junk to your advantage when the situation calls for it.

Vehicles: Against Modern Warfare? No fight. I love vehicle driving. And since I was utterly deprived of driving a mech in Battlefield 2142, this will have to do.

Maps: Alterable terrain means your always on the go and never hiding at one spot for too long. Rush mode forces you to get in the action, or risked getting gangbanged.

Realism: In Modern Warfare, you can be a hum ji one man Rambo and win the war. That said others will be pulling off that same trick on you. But in Bad company, teamwork is vital to reach your objectives. The least you can do is alert your teammates of an enemy presence.

Besides! Between dying honourably in full fledge squad-fire fight and dying 1 on 1 to a claymore placed around the corner by a noob just a 3 metres away from you, I rather die all guns blazing in the chaos.

Logic: DUH. I’ve received a cracked Modern Warfare 2 from a friend and played the entire single player. To buy Modern Warfare 2 would mean to buy it JUST for the online feature. And that is an absolute waste of money. 

When you look at destructibility, fun, realism its obvious who the winner of this knock-out is. School starts again for me tommorrow. But if there’s a FPS I’ll be getting (and it’ll probably be soon!) its gonna be Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In which case, I’ll see you on the war front, comrades.

This is the first, and probably not the last of the Deathmatch reviews. Hopefully its up to standard. Maybe I will do more in the future.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us what you think in the comment section. =)



~ by Raisha on April 18, 2010.

One Response to “Deathmatch! Modern Warfare 2 vs. Bad Company 2”

  1. Yes agree..
    I have all the Bad Company and Call of Duty series and BFBC wins hands down..
    Its like dice and EA have copied most aspects of COD and juiced them up..

    Better vehicles (that you can navigate/repair/ and kill with)
    Better weapons
    Subsidised scope drift with bullet drop
    Better equipped and more versatile kits
    Best of open and closed maps
    Easy navigation of multilayer menu/set-up

    Not being one sided as I have probably spent triple what I have spent on the COD series then BC 1 and 2

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