My Waifu, my A.I, my OS-tan.

“Tick tock, Commander! I’ve got a Proton Collider with your name on it and there’s not a bloody thing you can do about it!”

-Giles Price, about the Proton Collider

Adapted from Red Alert 3: Uprising


During the early years, the lack of activity, the war of attrition at that point and overall defeat resulted in decommissioning of Silent Stronghold.

When it went live again in 2006, there were those that expected it to flop down just as fast it did back then. But after three years of success, its safe to say that one of the driving forces for its success was the usage of it now reliable OS-Systems.

The OS-System is the Artificial Intelligence that linked our worlds together. Just like an AI, without the OS-Systems, many of our campaigns during the three years would have been impossible to direct, let alone coordinate.

Silent Stronghold’s OS-System is none other than Windows Vista-tan. Or Chiivistan as she is more affectionately known by our Officers.

She came into service around the same time Stronghold began work. And has dedicated herself unconditionally to our cause. But things weren’t always that way. Many a times back then she would prove to be quite rebellious to commands issued and would create unnecessary burdens or wastage of time.

However as time went on, our staff would grow to be more patient with her. Musica would occasionally drop by to ‘pep talk’ her. And eventually became loyal to those above and around her.

Fast forward three years into the future. Today Chivistan has assisted in coordinating more than a hundred successful military campaigns since the great war and has grown to become loved by many of the Stronghold’s staff.

Though she is a little shy about her RAM size. But unfortunately as OS-Systems go, Chivistan is considerably old, just barely being able to support some of the latest Tactical Battlefield Spectrums(TBS). That said, many fear that she would eventually be decommissioned and replaced by her younger sister.

Chivistan has commented that such a fate is inevitable, but will continue to serve as long as there are electrons flowing in her processor.

Speaking of sister, the latest addition to Stronghold’s arsenal is none other than Windows 7-tan, or 7-tan for short. Most of you might be familiar with her as she was the background poster girl for many of Stronghold’s mobile suit reviews (as of recently). Brought in about two months ago, she serves as the OS-System for Stronghold High Command.

Armed with the latest in war front coordination and interface, 7-tan is capable of initiating many of the latest TBS’s at this point. Access to her is restricted/limited to those who are not at the top. She does hold the initiative code to my Battlefield: Bad Company 2 application. Hopefully very soon, limitations to her will be overcome.

Likewise Silent Stronghold’s closest urban ally, Hanger Bay B-07, possess an OS just like the former.

Like Stronghold’s Chiivistan, B-07’s are both almost equal of age and time spent in service and was once just as young and fulfilling as the package stated. However the B-07 Chiivistan is not as warfare compatible as her Stronghold counterpart, which usually results in earthquake-lag-fests during joint military exercises. Constant nagging has yet to prove successful in convincing Sgt. Noob to purchasing a new OS-tan.

However B-07 also possesses the remarkable 360 System (or 360ko) which according to recent reports, is due to go onto the L.I.V.E Network soon.

Despite her limitations, and rather expensive collation of campaigns, 360-san has managed to expand many frontiers of warfare even beyond the limitations of her portable counterparts. Most notably in the field of fast paced mecha battles.

Ever since their presence has been notified in 2007, it is believed that the success of the two major guerilla factions residing deep within the forested demilitarized zone, owe their success to their versions of the Tactical Operating System. The Republic of Freedom for Mudkips utilizes a modified variant of Chiivistan.

Unlike her more sensible and regulated counterparts from the afore-mentioned, Falsez’s Chiivistan is more prone to panic attacks, rejecting dead mouses and causing 3D software to hang unexpectedly. This usually results in a reboot or a face full of rage guy.

Pre-tan has been modified to partially to suit the fighting conditions of guerilla warfare. And not suprising. With a forest of regenerating trees and mine fields just around every corner, you’ve got to be the smartest (most wack) OS out there, or you’ll giblets by the morning. Luckily her spunky/wild nature has advantaged the guerilla leader in more ways than one.

Our second prominent guerilla faction, ‘Haze’, uses a different series of OS. The Butcher’s OSX-tan is capable of a lot of work based features that dwarf its Windows counterparts.

But her incompatibility with most warfare campaigns (except guerilla) means that she has to constantly switch between a 7-tan interface for work and play. No further information has been acquired ever since the Butcher’s fated separation from the Blue Shield Initiative by high command.

In the years that will follow our OS-tans will aquire countless project data and recordings from the war front. But in the growing field of advanced Tactical Operating Systems, today’s technology is tomorrows trash. How long they will live on for future battles remains a mystery. But for now we aint complaining. Without them, victory would not have been assured.

Dossier images copyright of their repective owners.



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