1/144 HG Exia Repair 2 Review

“Alexa wasn’t wrong about you or the reach of your power. Her fear, however, was misplaced for you are the future! You are the One! You are LEGION!” 

-Kane to LEGION 

Adapted from Tiberium Wars: Kane’s Wrath 


Proceeding as planned, today I will be reviewing the 1/144 HG Exia Repair 2 from the second season of Gundam Double 0. 

At its first and only battle in the first episode of season 2, the Exia (or whats left of it) was believed to be stashed away in the resource satellite to await its well deserved retirement. 

Apparently not! 

And just like its iconic appearance in the beginning, the Exia reappears in the last episode of season 2 as Setsuna’s replacement mobile after he ditched the 00 for one of its power up mushrooms.  

And you can the R2 is not much different from how it appears in season one. However a few things have been changed in its overall design which I will cover in a while. 

R2’s articulation is splendid. Just like the first Exia, the R2 can pull of a great deal of poses. Its arms have a joint at the shoulder which allows it to rotate. Beyond that the arms has a large amount of space to expand and is no longer hindered by the rubber piece that connects the shoulder to the arm. 

Legs bend at two parts almost like a double joint feature. The small front skirt and lack of side skirts means that the R2 has no problem going forward and side to side

For the accessories, the R2 comes with, 

– 1 GN sword Kai 

– 2 GN Beam saber handles (no blades as usual) 

– 1 GN beam saber (all moulded in white) 

– 1 extra hand (open) 

But it doesnt end there. Bandai went out to also throw in the equipment the first Exia had. And that would be, 

– 1 GN shield 

– 2 GN blades (long and short) 

– GN sword (just the blade which you can swap between the green version) 

But with that even with that, there is no way to make a ‘true’ Exia due to the fact that the rubber pieces that goes though the legs and arm are not given. 

The main difference of the R2 is that some of the parts have been modified to fit the new design. The back skirt which originally housed the GN beam daggers have been entirely replaced with a new design, complete with arse thrusters. 

 The sides of the leg have also been changed to accommodate the beam saber handles. The lower arms have been given what look like small elbow gaurds. Lastly the legs have been changed to no longer require the rubber piece to go through it. 

And it doesn’t end there. You also get every other part to make the normal Exia. 

But that’s where the first problem comes in. Despite all this, Bandai doesn’t give you any instructions on where each of these parts are supposed to go. It’s fairly easy to guess which goes where, but for first time Exia builders this might prove a bit of a challenge. 

But luckily you obviously bought this model for the R2 form than anything else. And you can mix and match some of the original Exia’s parts for some prime time customization. 

The next problem I encountered was that my R2 was super-duper stiff! Maybe I got unlucky with a defective one, but the (especially) the arms are so tight till the point I fear I might break something. 

Likewise some parts are very loose. Mainly the head and the GN sword. The head is easily rectified by applying a dash of super glue onto the ball joint which connects the head. The GN sword itself may require a bit more precision as you want to only get it on the hinge that the sword blade rotates on. 

Luckily stickers were not a butt for this episode. 


All in all the Exia R2 is not a bad kit. But the question on everyone’s mind is this; If you already own an Exia, should you go out-of-the-way to get the R2? 


They almost exactly similar in every single way. And unless you’re a die-hard curator of the Double 0 HG line, then you shouldnt really aim for it. But that said having the 0 Gundam in your arsenal will certainly give you an excuse to purchase this guy. 




Play value 


Parts are tight and loose at wrong areas 


Overall the Exia Repair 2 is a very good model kit. And is certainly worth getting if you havent already owned an army of Exias. Great Articulation, lots of play value/customization and will certainly look good on your shelf in a diorama with the 0 Gundam. A must have! 

Ironically which, I’ll be reviewing next. 

Final Rating: 4/5 stars 



~ by Raisha on May 15, 2010.

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  1. does the arms sag?

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