Member 1 has died of Dysentery. You have gained 120 pounds of meat.

Once again, the Raisha is away for another hard-heading skirmish while I have to clean up his slack.

But with the threat of the Underminers growing greater and greater upon each day, its no wonder the Blue Shield has gotten so much arms and tech up and running.

Recently a freight train carrying a load of imagination/ideas was hijacked and derailed en route towards a supply base owned by the Republic of Freedom for Mudkips (ROFM). Approximately 2500+ brain cells died as a result of the incident. However later reports proved the inaccuracy of the count, as all braincells survived upon being shipped back to base.

According to the higher-ups, one of the counter measures put up by the ROFM is to train their fellow guerillas in Mobile Suit warfare, or in this case, mainly the use of the Kampher.

In other news, cases of dysentery has been rising within the city due to handling of tainted ‘gold’. On the plus side, the population’s supply of popo tongues raw meat has been rising exponentially. Dont ask me about the origins.

Lastly, rumour has it that another joint military exercise will be held after the skirmishes are over. Details are sketchy at the moment, but it could range from zombie city cleansing to a special on bloody murder at the Dustbowl.



~ by Raisha on June 5, 2010.

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