1/144 0 Gundam (Double) Review

“The signal of the Tacitus has returned, you must find the artifact. You must capture it for Kane…

I fear, however, if you do, you will become something… obscene….

CABAL’s cyborg army murdered many innocents, murdered my parents! I pray I am wrong about you LEGION. I pray for us all.”

– Abbess Alexa Kovacs to LEGION

Adapted from Tiberium Wars: Kane’s Wrath

I’m hoping to complete the final four reviews before june is over. Today, the 1/144 scale HG 0 Gundam from the first and second season of Gundam Double 0.

This time round I’ll be doing a double review of both the 0 Gundam Type A.C.D and the 0 Gundam roll out colors, since both are effetively the same unit.

The 0 Gundam makes it first appearance in its roll out colors right at episode one while bewildering a distressed Setsuna. Nothing from it after that till the epilogue of season 1.

Late into season 2, the 0 Gundam finally becomes part of the Celestial Being arsenal only this time round it is equipped with GN Particle tank instead of its original GN Drive. The reason? As we know to well, it has been churned into a vital organ of the 00 Gundam.

Once piloted by Ribbons Almark, then by Lasse Aeon, only to be piloted by the pimp again.

And as mentioned before you can see that the two units are identical in every single way, except the color scheme and the accessories each come with.

But we’ll get to that shortly. For articulation, the 0 Gundam has some very good head movement despite the collar. Arms are only one jointed, but can go a great deal at the shoulder. Waist movement is limited for some reason, and has those annoying ball joint side skirts.

Its strength lies in it leg articulation which, in my opionion, is second to that of the 00 Gundams. It has the connection at the crotch that is separate from the waist (something most kits later adopted). Legs are double jointed with a lot of bend, and has rotation/bend at the feet.


As for accessories, the stuff that both kits have are:

– 1 GN Beam Rifle

– 1 Gundam Shield

– 1 Beam Saber handle (which is compatible with season 1 and 2 beam sabers blades)

– 1 GN Drive

– 1 GN Particle tank

All of which are identical albeit a few colour changes in some.

But because of this, If you ever have two 0 Gundams, you can do some minor part swapping to customize your kit.

In terms of accessories unique to each kit, the A.C.D kit comes with two clear pink beam saber blades. As this kit was released before the roll out colors ver. did, I’m assuming that it was meant to compliment the Exia RII and its lack of actual beams.

As for the roll out colors ver. there are no beam saber blades for it. Bummer.

But! That’s not the reason you buy this kit for. The crown jewel of the roll out colors ver is the GN Feather. A beautifully crafted piece of plastic coloured to match the effect given off by the 0 Gundam in the first episode of Gundam Double 0.

To insert the GN Feather, simply pop off the top cap of the GN Drive. The Feather itself has three holes in it. Likewise, the GN drive has three pegs. When attached on, the effect part is simply sandwiched between the two pieces of the drive giving it the convincing look of it emitting the particles. However the back of the feather effect part is not colored unlike the front, so it does look like crap from behind. Luckily the Feather is interchangeable from both sides, though it might be a hassle.

And in a stroke of irony, the GN Feather is compatible with the A.C.D version. Not in the traditional sense, but you can pull off the GN drive and attach it on the second 0 Gundam (and vice versa).

Now on to the problems in this kit.

The only real bug I have with this kit is that the joints at the waist connecting to the leg are loose. The rests are minor such as the beam rifle and shield being a loose fit while in the hand. However its real let down comes in play value, what with it’s the already limited accessories it comes with.

Surprisingly (for the roll out color 0 Gundam) both the V-fin stickers and the ones on the front/back skirt are holding out well.

In the end, heres the lay down;





Loose parts/fits

Play value

Both 0 Gundams have everything a good model kit should have in terms of articulation and accessories. However, not much you can do with it after that due to the simplistic nature of the kit. You could say its the jack of all trades for the Double 0 line. But its goes nowhere with everything else. Overall, I say that the both 0 Gundams make good standalone or support models for your collection

But the real question on everyone’s mind is: which kit is worth getting more?

If you already have the Exia RII (or planning to get it), then the 0 Gundam A.C.D would compliment it nicely with its beam sabers, the perfect diorama box art and the potential final showdown you could have on your display case.

Otherwise if you’re not particularly interested in the Exia RII and you don’t mind the lack of beam saber blades and the dull colors, the 0 Gundam roll out colors would make a good standalone model with that awesome effect part.

Final rating 4/5 stars



~ by Raisha on June 11, 2010.

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