1/144 HG Tieren Ground Type Review

“LEGION my child, you are my greatest creation. It is time for you to take center stage. Time for you to achieve the purpose for which you were created. One vision, one purpose!”

– Kane’s last words to LEGION

Adapted from Tiberium Wars: Kane’s Wrath

In my attempt to rush the final four reviews so that I can finally get on to some building, today I’ll be reviewing the 1/144 scale HG Tieren Ground Type from the 1st season of Gundam Double 0.

As we all recall, the Tieren was the mass-produced ‘Zaku’ of the PAC Human Reformed League (HRL). And from it spawned many variants, some of which I don’t wish to even discuss about. >.<

Serving as the mainstay battle ‘tank’ of the HRL, the Tierren Ground type is well armoured to the core. Against the main mobiles of the other factions, the Tieren would certainly have no problem going one-on with them. That is, till the Gundams starting showing up. And the Russians had to start thinking outside the box.

The Tieren’s articulation is simple, but good enough for it. The only head articulation you will get is the eye movement underneath its helmet. Capable of going 360, it can be moved by removing the head cover.

 Arms are single jointed with a lot of movement. However there is a hinge like joint at the shoulder that allows it to move forwards and back ward from the body, kinda like its following the rail-like deign on it chest.

Legs are double jointed and can bend a great deal. But despite not having a front skirt, its large thighs prevent it from going forward and backwards as much. Foot articulation is decent and doesn’t seem to suffer a lot from Strike Syndrome.

Other than that, the shields on its shoulders can rotate 360 with some in-and-out movement. Tiny bit of movement at the leg shield.

The Tieren doesn’t have much in the accessory section. All it has is a Smoothbore gun (mountable on either arm), a carbon blade (can also be held in either hand) and an open palm for the right arm. The interesting of the blade is that it has a peg in the center which attaches to the palm, thus preventing it from sliding all over the place unlike the Forbidden Gundam’s scythe.

You can also utilize the Tieren’s leg mounted ‘shield’ as a support for the smoothbore gun. But I dont know if its just me, but I CANT GET IT INTO THE DAMN POSE THE BOX SHOWS.

Seriously the articulation on this model does not call for it. Maybe its bigger scale brother could pull it off but certainly not MY model for dunno what gosh darn reason. This wa sthe best I could do.

Now for the problems with this kit. The only true major problem with the kit is the ball joint connection that holds the upper body to the lower torso is very bad. The nature of the polycaps prevents it from being a secure connection. Super glue might help but only a bit.

Overall here is the Tieren Ground type.




Play value

In the end the Tieren is just a simple model kit. Not much in the way of accessories but what more could you ask from a standard issue grunt unit. I would recommend this model as it can pull of a great deal of action poses (minus the afore-mentioned), just don’t expect too much from it other than that.

Final rating: 3/5 stars



~ by Raisha on June 24, 2010.

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