1/144 HGUC Z-Gok Type E Review

“…In bunkers deep beneath the earth, in a red zone in Russia and South East Asia, a sleeping Army awaits your call. They are the Marked of Kane.

They are devoted to the prophecy and sacrificed their minds and bodies to our cause. Half human, half machine, they have been dormant since the end of the Second Tiberium War.

They need but one thing: someone to give them purpose, someone to give them life!…”

– Kane, detailing the Marked to LEGION, 2052

Adapted from Tiberium Wars: Kane’s Wrath

The final three reviews countdown! And with 7 models in storage, I can’t wait to get my hands working on them by this month. And next in line will be the HGUC Z-Gok Type E, or Experiment from the Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket series.

Steiner Hardy armed with the Z-Gok E led a brave trio from the Cyclops team to the Earth Federation’s Arctic base, tasked with the job of capturing or destroying the prototype Gundam Alex.

And I can’t begin to say how much of a fail the Feddies tried to resist. But anyways, the Z-Gok E is basically your standard issue Z-Gok hammered with a few more plates of amour and enough fingers to pull of a finger. Well Almost.

The Z-Gok E has some of the most simplest articulation for a mobile suit. Theres no head movement due to the fact that it already lacks a head. Arms can rotate 360 degrees along with the shoulder amour (something the original Z-Gok lacked) which is held onto a hinge on the main body. The arm also bends at one joint (though not much) and has four movable fingers each held by a ball joint.

Chest movement is limited to just forwards and backwards mostly for the cruise mode.

Side skirts double as the front and back skirt which is attached to the hip. This means that can go forwards, back and side-to-side a good deal.

Legs are single jointed with small amount of turn. The feet are separated into three parts, the front toe, the back toe, and the foot itself. Both toes can fold in on themselves to accommodate its sub mode.

Decent poses aside, if you were disappointed with the  lack of accessories, then this kit wont do you any justice either. The only accessory it comes with is the jet pack thruster which connects to the back of the unit. Nothing else.

No features on it whatsoever as all it does is clasp on to its back and look pretty. Do not that the antenna on the back of it is actually much longer. But I accidently sat on Z-Gok san and broke it. >.<

While this unit boasts beam weaponry and missiles, you don’t get any effects parts or what-not for it.

The only other trick in this unit’s book is that you can convert it into its cruise mode. Now you might be thinking some fancy-smancy mobile armour form for it, but you’d be surprised.

To convert it, simply tilt its body up via the waist joint (which was its original intended purpose), align the feet and arms back parallel to each other and fold the both toes back.

There you go, my special authentic zeonic creation…


*ahem* Which truth be told, isn’t really much to speak of.

Both truth be told, what I really love of this model, is it stability. Not just because of its huge feet, bit because those claws make perfect tripod stands for one purpose.

Doing hand stands. Something this kit really excels in. If your ever tired of em’ standing upright, there’s your alternative.

The only true problem encountered with this model is that the arms are a pain in the butt to assemble. The ‘flaps’ on the arms and legs are crafted rings which sit one on top of the other through a rod which acts as the bone structure. Getting them to stay in there is an ass. If you’ve ever fixed the HGUC Z-Gok, then you know what I mean. surprisingly the stickers on this model are holding out well.

Now lets see how this unit fares by Stronghold standards.




Play value

The Z-Gok E is a simple kit with articulation and all. But its simplicity is also its greatest weakness as there’s not much to do with it other than change it from ground to cruise mode. But other than that you aren’t gonna get anything out of it. I would definitely recommend this model, but only if your really a fan at heart, or you wish to have a mini circus troupe.

The main reason I have it is because Josh gave it to me for christmas, and it looks badass. I dare you to say it isn’t badass.

Final rating: 3/5 stars



~ by Raisha on July 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “1/144 HGUC Z-Gok Type E Review”

  1. Only 2.5? I thought the intimidation factor would be worth a 3. XD

    Seig Zeon!

  2. […] Zeta. In fact the first and only HGUC model in my collection (as of this point, at the moment)is the Z-Gok Type E, and it did not disappoint me in any […]

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