Celebratory Preparations

“Cyborgs, man… they freak me out!”

-Anonymous Nod soldier during the recovery of the Marked of Kane

Adapted from Tiberium Wars: Kane’s Wrath

A bit a of a break from chain reviewing at the moment. If you havent guessed yet, I’m currently in the midst of my Student Internship Program (SIP).

With that, being posted to the Ministry of Education for to build them a life-size block of flats with pint-sized computers is proving to be quite the challenge. Still, I did put ‘looking for a challenging position‘ in my resume…

Anyway, the weeks has been progressing much faster than it did at the start of this bloody job. I’m really looking forward to putting together those model kits in storage. But as mentioned before, it’ll take two more reviews before any of that happens. Namely the Enact Agrissa and the GN-X III ESF Type.

Which reminds me, a lot of interesting things will be occuring this year, such as Gundam Festival 2010 & AFA 2010. Also the Gundam Double 0 Movie will be out by September (which hopefully will have a theatrical release in Singapore) and the 2 episode of the  Unicorn OVA early next year. So that’s quite a few things to look forward to.

Thankfully by the time said events occur, I’ll have saved up enough from this SIP to grab a booty or two. Considering my transportation fees doesn’t kill my wallet yet.

Lastly, Silent Stronghold is officially 2 years old (I think).  Though it almost slipped my mind, thanks to a  reminder from B-07, I feel that a bit of a celebration for this base is necessary. So while I send Nicolia to go prepare the fireworks in honor of this moment, I’d like to thank all who made this place go far. And by far meaning an average of 361+ views per month, that’s far enough for me. =)



~ by Raisha on July 28, 2010.

One Response to “Celebratory Preparations”

  1. d^_^b

    Here’s to another decade of continued operations! XD

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