Silent Stronghold 2nd Year

“Commander, we are the Black Hand of Nod.

WE are the salvation of Nod.”

-Anton Slavik to a Nod Commander

Adapted from Tiberian Sun: Firestorm

I just realised that my last entry combo breakered my ‘a-picture-per-post’ record. Oh well.

Anyway, to commemorate Silent Stronghold’s two years of active service, I made arrangements for fireworks on an epic scale. And when I say epic, I meant it.

And if 50 nukes (that’s right, count them) don’t give you one of the most spectacular blow-out shows ever, then you should go find Ahmad and co. for an anthrax shake you capitalist pigs.

Speaking of which, Ahmad wasnt too happy that we didn’t invite him to the fireworks display. So while the co-workers who annoyed the heck out of me at work were sent out to defend the frontline, it was time to party! P-A-R-T. Y? Cos’ I gotta!

And so the first missile rocket was launched, and boy was it a sight for sore eyes. Actually, sore eyes shouldnt be looking at this cause I swear you’d be blind by the end of it.

31 nukes (simultaneously) later, the fallout was so magnificent even, the cat in the background that was set to shriek every so often finally shut up*.

On the subject of sore eyes, you might wanna get your sunglasses ready. I know I do.

So, two years on the job eh? Sure a lot of shit has happened, but at the same time there were many great moments both ranted and gloried deep in the bowels of this blog. Likewise I hope to continue on operations like this for decades to come. Considering I last that long. lol

At the same time, B-07 is also celebrating their 2nd anniversary albeit a more different style. Go check it out, and watch out for the pasta. Thanks to all once again for making this far seem more logical. XD

Oh ya, better send Ahmad a gift.

*no humans (or cats), except Ahmad, were harmed in the making of this apocalypse.



~ by Raisha on July 31, 2010.

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