45 years of expensive road tax

“Watch… watch as your city burns! Where is your GDI now? And where is your heretic Prophet?”


Adapted from Tiberium Twilight

Today  is Singapore’s National Day! And I’m pretty riled up (mostly due to the long weekend) as I had quite a day.

Though I never really thought to deep about it, I feel pretty fortunate to be born in Singapore. With my kind of attitude back in the days, I would probably have had my brains blown out if I had grown up anywhere else (no offense there).

Like wise, growing up in a safe, prosperous country often makes me take things for granted. I know it’s the most clichéd line you could ever find in a ‘War & Peace’ novel. But when I think reeeal deep about it, it really does make sense. Like, the peace will always be there, and the granary would never run dry, kind-of-thing.

It was 45 years ago that this little mud plot decided to take a stand on it own. And I thank God that we had bright, trust worthy fore fathers whom paved the way for many generations to come. And certainly no one within our era could ever match up to what they accomplished in their time.

Sure, we’re not the most culturally rich or the most metropolitically advanced nation out there. But we are certainly one of the most stable in government, health care and what-not. And I feel thankful for that nonetheless.

So before I grab a glass cola’ and toast to the 45th year, lets just give some time and thought to those brilliant people who turned shit into success, made traveling public so much more expensive and carved Singapore into what it is today. Epic awesome.



~ by Raisha on August 9, 2010.

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