1/144 HG GN-X III E.S.F Type Review

“Behold for I shall open the Vaults and cause them to arise onto the land… and they shall be legion. My prophecies are as true for you are now one with the Marked of Kane.

They are the physical embodiment of your will. An army of the deathless, the enlightened, the redeemed. Take them, use them!”

-Kane to LEGION after the Marked of Kane are activated

Adapted from Tiberium Wars: Kane’s Wrath

Welcome back to another day of faggotry. And now I shall be reviewing the 1/144 HG GN-X III from the second season of Gundam Double 0! As you can see, I’ll be doing the Earth Sphere Federation (E.S.F) version which has this nice soft blue color scheme to it.

Showing up late in season 1 (or actually briefly at the end) and mostly in season 2, the GN-X III was a mainstay mobile suit used by A-LAWs and mostly by the E.S.F forces. Though unlike its red counterpart, not many were seen in action. Though its most noticeable appearance was the one piloted by Sergei Simnov.

The GN-X III still retains the same frame design from the first GN-X. The only difference is that the X-III has shorter binders on the sides of his waist and upper body.

For Articulation, this is where the GN-X suffers quite a bit. Head movement is very restricted due to the unit’s chin and the side collar which prevents it from going 360. Arm articulation isn’t too bad but the upper binders do restrict it from going forward and backwards from the shoulder. Its can rotate 360 however.

Because of the lack of front skirts, the GN-X’s legs can go forwards and back a great deal. Side to side, not so much due to the design of the leg  joints. Knees are double joint and can go bend quite a lot until the guard on the back prevents it. For that matter, the leg guards can move (though it is pretty redundant).

Its feet does suffer from ‘strike syndrome’, and the foot guards are prone to falling off as well.

For accessories, the GN-X III does come with a few. You get:

– 1 GN Beam Rifle

– 1 GN Physical Lance

– 2 GN Beam Sabers (handles)

– 2 clear pink beams

– 1 GN Claw (open hand)

– 1 GN Physical Shield

Weapons are generic. Just like the normal GN-X, the X-III does re-use some of the weapons from the previous mould. The beam rifle, the shield and beam saber handles and claw are pretty much the same. Though I wish they did give you the long barrel attachment for this kit.

The only new piece you get is the GN Lance which can easily switch between rifle mode and lance mode with a few flicks. Thanks to a special clip connected to the side, the GN beam rifle can also be attached to either sides of the unit’s side skirts.

The beam sabers unfortunately don’t seem to go anywhere on the model for storage. Because of that, its best to keep them in a safe spot as they are rather small. Or you could just leave the beams attached on the handles. In my opinion, the beams they give are much thicker and firm compared to the ones the Gundams have. In fact they seem a bit more darker pink as well. Wish they were orange though.

I never understood the purpose of the GN  ‘claw’. In my book it’s basically just an open hand. Sure it can crush things with the power of GN, but really, I think Bandai is just pushing their luck with the whole ‘GN’ thing.

The main problem encountered with this model is, as mentioned before, its articulation. Its shoulder movement is not too bad, but you really can get many good ground stances with the way the hips are designed. All the more reason to purchase an action base so that your kit will not have to be restrained by the ground.

Speaking of which, some of you may be debating on whether to get the E.S.F type or the A-LAWS type. My recommendation would be the E.S.F version, as the A-LAWS type has stupidly large upper leg stickers which will are very hard to fold properly. The E.S.F’s legs come already in the right color and would certainly save you a lot of time and hassle.

So this would be how I sum up the GN-X III.



Lack of stupid stickers



In the end the GN-X III is a very decent model kit. It’s certainly badass, and has a lot of accessories to compliment with it. Even though articulation suffers a wee bit because of the design, I feel it shouldnt stop you from picking up this puppy from any local store. I say its worth it, and would certainly recommend it.

Final Rating: 3/5 stars

Only one more model kit left to review! After that would be Gundam Festival 2010, and on to the next big gunpla project.



~ by Raisha on August 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “1/144 HG GN-X III E.S.F Type Review”

  1. I think in the show the beam handles were stored in the knees? That’s not the case for the model kit?

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