1/144 HG Ali Al-Saachez’s AEU Enact Custom Review

“When we are crushing the black hearts of our oppressors, we will find our hands blackened. We cannot cultivate our garden without digging in the dirt.”


Adapted from Tiberium Wars: Kane’s Wrath

Finally, the final review before I start building some model kits! Last on the list for now will be the 1/144 scale HG Ali Al-Saachez’s AEU Enact Custom (now there’s a mouth full) from the first season of Gundam Double 0.

While the Enact has already had multiple appearances ever since its first ‘cut-up’ in episode 1, one in particular stood up amongst the rest as kick-arse. And that would be Ali Al-Saachez’s personal Enact. Well to be more precise, it’s actually a Morallia test type rather than an actual custom-made by him. Later on he would deck it from blue to his signature red color, minus the effects.

The Enact shares the same frame design as with the flag. Likewise articulation and transformation are both identical with some minor changes.

Because of this, the Enact’s articulation is limited so as to accommodate its mobile armor (MA) form. Its head can (surprisingly) go 360. Arms are unique in design. By default it can’t really go a great deal. But by pulling out a section of it from the main body (which is actually meant for the MA form), the enact can now move much more than before, but still not as much as other units.

Leg articulation suffer quite a bit. Going up, the feet suffer from strike syndrome, it is single jointed at the knees but can still bend quite a great deal. Thanks to the lack of front or side skirts, it can move forwards and backward and side to side.

The back thrusters can move up and down and the wings can slide in and out as well. So can the ones on his butt as well!

For accessories, the Enact comes with a few.

You get:

1 – Plasma blade/sonic knife (molded completely in red)

1 – Plasma blade/sonic knife handle

1 – open hand

1 – Blade rifle

1 – multi-tube missile launcher

1 – defence rod

So you get a nice variety of weapons for this kit. Starting of with the blade rifle which is capable of sliding out a blade (surprise surprise!)  from underneath the barrel.  Rather short in my opinion. I’m sure it was longer in the anime. It also has handles on both sides of the rifle, so your Ali can be a lefty or a righty.

The missile launcher has a handle which, when not on the rifle, can be held by the unit.

The plasma blade you get as mentioned is molded purely in red. Which means you have to color the blade itself blue to mimic the real deal. I’m not to cheesed off with it as he color makes me think that the Enact has a beam saber instead.

You also get just the handle itself which attached from a peg to a hole on either side of the arm.

Now for the main feature of this suit, and that is its mobile armor (MA) mode.

To transform it, first you slide the head down, next you crank the lower body (which is on a hinge at the waist) down, followed by the on the stomach forward.

After that you pull the arm joints out of the shoulders by a bit and fold the arms. Next bend the legs by the waist back via the hinge there as well as by the ball joint to the leg. By then, the pegs on the inner side of each arms will connect to small holes on the outer side of the legs (at the white area).

Lastly take the rifle, fold the handle forward by a bit and attach into the hole right between the stomach and the crotch.

Having the defense rod or missile pod on in this form is optional.

And with that you have the Enact in its MA form.

And it is indeed a rather nice mobile armor.  Rather on the small side if you ask me. But I’m not asking too much from an anorexic mobile suit. You can remove the missile gun when in this form if you want. I find having the blade out does give it a nice touch to rather impractical unless you’re a Graham.

On to the problems with this kit. And sadly to say, there is no shortage of it.

Firstly, like the Savior Gundam, a lot of the joints on this model is either too loose or too tight. Maybe my kit is defective, but some areas seem to make sense for the arrangements but others don’t.

An example would be the leg joint below the hip. Despite being attached by a ball joint, the legs are extremely tight! Whats worst is that the ball joint that is attached to the hip is just held by a thin piece of plastic. So despite having some good leg articulation, I can’t really do much in case something breaks due to stress. Other tight ends include the upper and lower torso joint.

With that in mind, the arm joints at the shoulders are very loose and just flop anywhere they want. Other loose ends include the hands, wings and head.

Stickers aren’t too big a deal but they can be annoying, especially the stomach and hand stickers. Those love coming off at the ends.

Lastly, because of its tiny feet, coupled with strike syndrome, the Enact requires an action base to get some good poses. Its even more bad off that Bandai doesn’t give you a stand.

In the end this would be the Enact Custom;




Tight and loose joints in the wrong areas


Requires a stand

Overall I was rather disappointed with the Enact Custom. Its got some good accessories, but with problems such as these I would not recommend this unless you really want a more bolder look to the Union Flags. And so as I celebrate the completion of all my current model reviews I shall offer tribute to the great saint of rice balls by sacrificing Prince Ali to the Grue.

Next up…. something light-hearted preferably.

Final Rating: 2/5 stars



~ by Raisha on September 30, 2010.

One Response to “1/144 HG Ali Al-Saachez’s AEU Enact Custom Review”

  1. The last time someone fed the Grue, Kira Yamato was born. I don’t know what kind of abomination will emerge this time…

    Well, at least the mobile unit is red! XD

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