A wakening of the trailblazer

“Greetings citizens of New Adana! Long you have lived in sin, Kane’s sin! But today… today you will be judged.”

-Gideon addresses the people of New Adana during his attack.

Adapted from Tiberium Twilight

About a week back, Josh and I went to catch the Gundam Double 0 Movie: A wakening of the trailblazer. Okay, actually I kinda convinced him to tag along with him, cause I know this is the event of the year for fans like us and I rather not let him torrent it and spoil me all over. But in any case, I certainly did not regret travelling all the way to newton circus just to watch it.

At the same time, we had to commemorate the event with some photos now do we?

Be warned there’s be spoilers ahead.

I never thought I’d see the day a Gundam movie banner would be flash in Singapore. I thought they had enough of these since the unnamed Gundam Seed movie never saw any movement.

Well it wasnt as big a big turnout as I expected. It wasnt hallway-packed, but there certainly was a good amount of fans here at the Alliance Francaise De Singapour. They were selling some Gundam Double 0 pillows, but at SG$60, you wouldn’t catch me getting any. The posters were tempting though.

Now on to the main event! I couldn’t get any snaps of the movie, least odex gets on my tail, but I did do some snapping around in the cinema before it started. But there’s not really much to see around. And the grand movie began…

….and ended, faster than you know it. I must say,  it was one heck of a ride. And I did not regret it one bit.

Of course some questions were left unanswered at the end. But generally it was a happy ending for the series. Storywise, the plot was interesting. Aliens is certainly a first for a Gundam series. But from what they predicted in season one and two, I was generally expecting the aliens to be an army of Ribbons Almark (lolz) or something humanoid. But meh, metal dittos will suffice. And with the ability to mimic any technology they assimilate that is something no one was expecting.

Fight scenes are always welcomed. And the movie certainly had no shortage. But Tieria certainly got the short end of the stick, having his Gundam appear just to get destroyed before the start of the real battle. And whats this? He copilot the 00 Quanta to (in the form of Veda interface) to go ludicrous-speed to ELS land? Certainly its not his day. Well, at least the crew loli takes a liking to him. Lucky arse..

And finally the conclusion to it all. Humanity is at peace with the aliens (actually aliens seem almost non-existent now), people can now deep space travel without fear and earth is once again kid-friendly. Of course after all those years chronologically from the movie epilogue, who would have thought Setsuna would pull of a T-1000 on us and come back looking smexy as ever while time withered everyone else away?

All in all, the movie was damn hell worth-while. Although its no longer showing in Singapore anymore, I’d say if you get the chance, torrent it. Or better still, get the dvd (if it ever comes out).

Other than that, CF at B-07 has done a very comprehensive review of the movie which you can find here.



~ by Raisha on October 2, 2010.

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