The Grand Finale

“It is more important for us to employ intelligent combined-arms tactics than it is for GDI because it is the Pen that is mightier than the Sword. And we are both the Pen and the Sword when skilled modern armies are commanded by intelligent strategies brought upon by a true military strategist.”

-Anton Slavik

Adapted from Tiberian Sun

Nope, certainly not the grand finale of my blog. But finally the of my Student Internship Programme (SIP) ! For those who didn’t know about it, I alongside with a  rag-tag group, was posted for 3 months to the Ministry of Education (MOE).  And I finally have the time to do some recounting about it.

And I’m gonna need all the memory I can. Gosh darn report is due on friday! Other than that, I got two weeks off an up till now, I’ve managed to come up with some new concepts and bust some zombie brains.

Well on the bright side, the SIP wasnt a complete waste of time. Throughout the whole I managed to watch finish some Gundam series which, thanks to Megavideo, hindered my pleasure.

MS Igloo

– MS Igloo: Apocalypse

– MS Igloo 2

– 0083 Stardust Memory

– 0080 War in the Pocket

– G Gundam (rewatched)

Overall, I’m glad I got posted to the MOE and things turned out well. Sure, Secondlife is a bitch to work with at first. But once you get the hang of using primitive primitives, and have a good coder at hand (kudos to Isaac), things were pretty darn smooth. Indeed it is one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever been on.

By then we made some mobile suits,

Vented our fury on some furries,

Imitated lightning rods,

Enraged a Basarios,

Pulled of a goatse,

Built skyscrapers,

And surfed Danbooru Safebooru.

I certainly wish CF were here in it as well. Heck, I’ll sacrifice D1000 anytime for this. T_T

Alright, enough talk! Its montage time!

From left to right: William, Myself, Isaac, Rashid, Erin, Janthini, Cliff and Nuraini

All in all, I learnt the vital importance of the project brief. And never do a tour de’ france when the board of leader are having a presentation.

Hopefully our major project in MOE will be secured.

And that… there will be less bullshift.

In the meantime, I’m gonna relax even if it kills me.



~ by Raisha on October 12, 2010.

One Response to “The Grand Finale”

  1. Sorry buddy. I gave up an easy desk life to live amongst the fires of reality. D:

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