Luka Luka Night Fever~

“If it’s on terra firma, the Steel Talons can crush it like a soda can. It’s when you kick a beehive full of Nod flyers that you start wishing there was a bunch of Sandstorms in your loadout.”

-Major Albert W. Eckhart, Steel Talons 151st Special Armor Brigade

Adapted from Tiberium Twilight

Just yesterday I was listening to this song on youtube. It was the first time I heard the song as I stumbled upon it by accident through a friend’s recommendation.

It was about 815pm when I was listening to it for quite a while. Later I had the urge to hit the hay early so I hopped into bed, but only to wake up halfway at around 1030pm. Didn’t bother me, so I just went back again to see if I could resume my sleep.

The freaky thing is that at the stroke of midnight I woke up feeling very discomforted, only to realize I just got a very bad fever. I took some medicine and only started to feel better at 4am.

The next day I did some looking up to the song in the afore-mentioned music video. What I found out was freaky.

The song itself is called ‘Luka Luka ★ Night Fever’. If you must know, the main chorus of the song literally says luka luka night fever hajikeru rizumu ni awasete.

Okay, maybe it was more like hilarious kinda freaky. But still I couldn’t help but wonder if the song was hexed or something. XD

A case of the Lavender Town theme curse? Or maybe some hidden subliminal message? Or perhaps I just haven’t been eating my veggies.

In any case, I’m spamming the song into my ears right now. If nothing happens, perhaps its just a freaky coincidence.

…If not. Ladies and gentlemen, I just found the ultimate prank weapon.



~ by Raisha on October 19, 2010.

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