Birthday Wishes & AFA Pictures

“Urban combat is a messy and dangerous business. When fighting in a city environment, Field Commanders should use every advantage to minimize casualties. Garrisoning civilian structures with infantry is a tactic that generates multiple rewards, including massive defensive bonuses and increased safety for the troops.

Buildings can provide cover and a fire base for infantry as they shoot at targets outside without being directly exposed to enemy fire. Garrisoned Buildings protect soldiers from heavy Anti-Personnel weapons mounted on vehicles. That being said, Field Commanders should be wary of enemy units that specialize in clearing the Garrisoned Buildings, particularly those equipped with grenades and flamethrowers.

Remember: Caught in the cross-fire while you’re out in the open? Order your troops into a building.”

-Intelligence Database, Garrisoning Structures with Infantry

Adapted from Tiberium Wars

Its been awhile, but due to some screw ups on the client’s side with my final year project, I put aside the pictures for Anime Festival Asia 2010. just to clarify, this is my first time at such an event, and a first for reviewing such a thing. So I might have missed out some stuff and others may not be in sequential order.

Now then before this goes way overdue, lets jump right into it!

The first thing you see when you enter the pearly gates is a large banner which advertises the Gunpla from the recently shown Gundam Double 0 movie. Of course, Im partially here for the mobile suits, but we’ll get back to it shortly.

Take a left turn from the entrance and your in cushion heaven. Or at least where a good majority of the anime endorsed cushions, pillows and dakimakuras. Some of the Gundam Double 0 cushions where also sold during the screening of the movie back then. But at the same price for back and now, I think I’ll hold the line for this one.

Of course, you cant walk past this area without seeing the large Domo erm… plushie? Cushion? Figurine?

Speaking of figurines, next on the list is the Dollfie stand. Now really, I dont have much of a thing for, or against dollfies. The look so strangely real, but yet in an artificial way. Sure, being as close to actual humans is a good thing, but anime and manga characters turned figurines are all meant to look ‘deformed’ in some way. Be it having larger heads or bigger eyes. Its what makes them what they really are like in an anime.

Anyway, before this turns into a nitpicking, I’d like to say, the one thing I really like about dollfie’s are their outfits. Alot of them are really beautifully tailored. Some people even go to the extent of making their own custom outfits for their models. And that really goes to say something. Im not in the loop with this kind of thing, but its a hidden popularity here in Singapore.

For the record, other than Miku, I cant tell who are the rest of those characters in the picture below. I believe a good few are Touhou characters though.

And lets not forget the one thing DeviantArt has taught us: Everything is better with llamas.

Now on to something I have a bit more experience on. Figmas. Or figurines in general. There’s  a whole section dedicated to exhibiting these wonderfully crafted plastic figures. Some of which makes me wanna invest in a few.

Well first off you got our two main characters from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. Fate and Nanoha. I haven’t actually watched the series, but I’m telling ya, Fate’s got one hell of an awesome weapon. Makes ya wonder how they package it.

Then theres also the K-ON crew. I really love the accessories these girls come with.

Also since my new camera wont let me get all the girls in the same picture without compromising detail, here’s our beloved Azu-nyan. =3

Once again, amazing detail on the accessories.

Next up the cast of Glee. Lots of great detail and accessories.

And of course my first encounter with the Mirai figma. I dont believe its actually being sold just yet, but seems worthy of an investment. =3

Ah yes, what would secondary school life be without reading McGuyver.

And then you have these cheaper alternatives to figurines but more expensive versions of gachapons.

I have a Lala figure at home. Suffice to say, she ain’t standing to well even with that base…

Now back to the main road. What would the AFA be without some Bandai publicity? Of course we wont just be focusing on Gunpla. First up this magnificent shrine dedicated to the grand Mazinger.

Next up… Phone Braver 7?…

Am’I missing something here? No seriously!

And then a showcase of some of the already released and upcoming Gunpla.

Of course the grand icon of this section would be to actually see first hand the upcoming 1/60 PG Strike Freedom. And let me say that of all the PG’s till now, this ones a perfect gem in my opinion.

Then theres also the 1/48 Char’s Zaku to pair up with the already released 1/48 Gundam. Another honorable mention is the 1/144 Real Grade Char’s Zaku.

A plamo Omnimon anyone? Certainly very magnificent looking. Another worthy investment for the Digimon fans.

HGUC Gouf Custom from the 08th MS Team series. About damn time Zeonic doves!

Then theres the little figures that are almost on par with a good quality gachapon. Alot of them are actually quite beautifully sculpted for their size.

And might I say this is the a very detailed sculpture for something so small.

While on the subject of Gachapon, heres an eye catcher. But really now, a pink Accguy? We’ve got a bear Accguy, so whats next? Pink Bear Accguy?

I sense a milking scheme!

Lastly, what would Mobile Suit Gundam be without their mascot, the Haro. While these dont explode, set off system traps, store your super weapon keys or control your bit system, they do a good job in storing any doodads that can fit into the side of its wings.

Hmmmm I should have mentioned it before, but nendos or nendoroids, play a huge role in merchandising alongside with figurines. You might think for a bobble headed character might be alot more cheaper than their full length counterparts, but hoho, you are so wrong.

I’ve seen one go up to the hundreds. And as much as I wanted to get one myself, my screaming wallet wouldn’t let me.

While we’re still on a Miku craze, theres Project Diva. A time-it-right-button-masher arcade similar to DJ max when it first went on the arcade. And its very popular over here knowing the large number of vocaloid fans. When someone cranks it up to 140 beats per min and rolls the game like a kids toy, the crowd just applauds in delight.

And then what would Miku be without her weapon of choice. I’ve always wondered why a leek? Democratic vegetarians…

Danny Choo made an appearance at AFA. Whether or not he actually learnt Singlish to commune with us more easily is debatable. But like the Mirai figurine mentioned above, there was something else he brought to the party. The magnificent Mirai mobile.

And of course its AFA counterpart. Suprisingly enough they were not placed together in the same exhibition ring.

Black Tactical made an appearance as well. Which would explain the grand number of marines, SWAT teams and police members at the festival.

Of course these guns are replicas and are perfectly legal to have in your home or to scare the shit out of your neighbour. But let me warn you that what you see on the display is terribly far from what you actually purchase. In fact to making your gun look like the one on display, will be just as good as custom painting a Gunpla.

I couldnt help but get a picture of the Nanoha girls showing the boys how to pwn at Weiss Schwarz trading card game.

Alright, where do I start on this one…

Okay what would you get if you take Sherlock Holmes, multiply him by four (not inclusive of Watson), divide his intellect by said number, lower his age by twenty, swap his gender, turn his hair color into anything imaginable by the spectrum of a rainbow and add a dash of moe moe kyun? *gasp*

You get Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. And believe me, its everything I just mentioned above.

Okay maybe I’m abit baised on this. I didnt know such a series existed until I saw it with my own eyes, so I’m pretty sure there’s alot more to it than just that. They sure seemed to be advertising this series alot over here, so I take it its an upcoming fandom. I should check out one of these days.

For the moment, just eat your heart out on some of the merchandise.

AH yes, School Days. Haven’t we all been traumatized enough by THAT one?

I also managed get snapshot of a reminder of how I’m one year too late. T_T

Ah yes, finally we have a tour around the Graffiti wall. While empty early on, it got crowded by the late half of the day. Its interesting to see aspiring artists doing their stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them were from DeviantArt.

Other than for just messing around with a large piece of paper, the Graffiti wall also features works from other well renowned artists as well, showcasing some of the public’s best submissions as well as local animation talents. Even though I could snap away at all the great stuff here, I decided to settle for my particular favorites.

First up, an anthromorphic east meets west.

And then there’s Longcat, whom we all know is, well, very looooooooong.

I swear I saw the picture below somewhere on DeviantArt! Needless to say this one really still grabs my attention.

And of course, whats a doodle board without leaving behind something for the masses to remember.

I swear though, the direction my Leafeos is looking is purely coincidental.

All in all, AFA 2010 was a first time and a grand time for me. Being able to be at one of the biggest Anime events of the year was certainly a great experience. Hopefully the next one will be in Singapore. And next time round, I’m bringing my stationary and a much larger wallet.

Oh ya, to all who wished me a Happy Birthday be letter, facebook, in person or whatever, thanks a bunch. =)



~ by Raisha on November 28, 2010.

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