Yet another day… or is it?

“Once a forward base has an airfield, many GDI infantry and vehicles gain the ability to Call for Transport at almost any time. The unit can radio for Transport from the field and a V-35 Ox VTOL airlifter will fly to the unit’s location, drop down on its thrust vectored engines, and pick up the unit. Once a destination is communicated to the Ox crew, the aircraft will ferry the airlifted unit to its destination and set it down on target.

Keep in mind that units are extremely vulnerable while in their air – an Ox is a juicy target for an enemy unit that has any form of anti-air capability.”

-Intelligence Database, Calling for Transport

Adapted from Tiberium Wars

Despite an almost overwhelming schedule and a late night party hard, it certainly wont stop me from making an  entry on this most spectacular day.

Ah yes, Christmas. That time of the year where we start to get warm feelings in our heart and dine out and party hard like there’s no tomorrow. For me Christmas aint like it used to. I remembered back then when I was much younger, Christmas meant the world to me. The fun of parties, the gathering of many old allies, the receiving of cool gifts from all and what not. However it seems like birthdays, the excitement kinda dies out as the years go on. Probably going t0 show I’m one heck of an old man.

But still, Im glad I was able to reunite with some of my old friends this holiday season. The best thing about Christmas is that you can party hard on an FYP and not even feel bad about it.

But damn, the days sure past fast. Soon Christmas will be over, new year will come and that will be over just as quick, and it will be 2011.

But until then, I’m gonna soak as much as the merry joy in the air. Lets not forget as well that it was this day that our Lord Jesus was born, for without him, we’d be doomed.

In any case, Merry Christmas to family, friends, allies, enemies and all. Hope you younger generation folks are having a ball of a time.



~ by Raisha on December 25, 2010.

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