Year of the Psychic Bunnygirl

“An advanced Nod Tiberium weapon research program was recently uncovered when a GDI strike team in North Africa stormed a Nod facility originally thought to be a Chemical Weapons factory. Science division evaluation of the Wreckage subsequently confirmed several large scale Tiberium weaponisation efforts underway. Of most concern to InOps is evidence of significant progress towards the creation of a liquid Tiberium device of unprecedented destructive power. The liquid form of Tiberium is a relatively new manifestation of the alien substance and its properties are not well known. Nod’s Liquid Tiberium research appears to be 5 to 10 years ahead of Science Division.

There were also indications that Nod is working on a more conventional airborne Tiberium explosive and a catalyst for detonating existing Tiberium crystal deposits in a sub-critical reaction.

Analysis of past Nod R&D efforts (which tend to be redundant and decentralised in nature) suggests the Nod Lab in North Africa was only one of several facilities participating in the Tiberium weaponisation efforts.”

-Intelligence Database, Nod Weaponising New Form of Tiberium

Adapted from Tiberium Wars

I like my bunny. Don’t you?

Sure you do. And don’t bother telling me what happens next.

On the same subject, its IS the year of the bunny rabbit according to the zodiac calender. While I did have plans for my good three days of bounty hunting, what better way to spend the second day then on a trip to Universal Studios Singapore. I certainly had better things to do on a good Saturday morning, but at least the trip was worth while. By worthwhile meaning waiting in 2 hour long queues for 3 min rides and overly priced souvenirs.

The only thing worthwhile was the Curse of the Mummy ride at pseudo-Egypt, cos’  Battlestar Galactica was down for maintenance. All the rest were pretty mediocre, I guess it really was worth my full days run for this. And I certainly will be back when the Transformers ride is ready. Which is probably long after NS.

Since it was the first and perhaps only I’ll ever get to be there so I decided to bag in my camera and snap ahoy. Prepare for one hell of an image dump. Trip took place 2 weeks ago. Since its still early February, I might as well cash in on it.

Worlds largest chia pet.

Truthfully, I never thought I’d see the day we’d have this big globe in Singapore.

Old school cars ripe for the picking.

Yet another set of old school cars.

Im under the impression B-07 gto its big break with cigars. Who knows. XD

Disappointingly, I was expecting to get hit by a big fiery red beam of doom right about now.

HOHOHO. Thats rich.

No comment. Maybe William might be familiar…

I wonder if they’ve got one for Isaac’s love issues. *forever_alone.jpg*



~ by Raisha on February 13, 2011.

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