Save in the Name of True Love

Nod has fielded a new version of their classic Anti-Infantry weapon system known as the Flame Tank. The new model carriers heavier amour, has a turret to allow for easier targeting, and uses dual flame-throwers that can stay inaction for long periods of time without refueling. It replaces the older “Devil’s Tongue”, last used in TW2.

Flame Tanks are devastating against all forms of Infantry and can clear out garrisoned buildings with terrifying efficiency. InOps advises Field Commanders to engage Flame Tanks with armored vehicles or aircraft firing cannons or rockets. The enclosed crew compartments in armored vehicles will also protect against the inferno generated by the flame throwers.

-Nod Deploys New Tool of Terror

Adapted from Tiberium Wars


I’m back from quite a big hiatus. Not because I was busy or anything but more like I was just lazy. Hopefully I’ll be more active from this point until the point where I get enlisted into the army. That said, I’d better get on with the reviews. I’ll probably start with something small like the 1/144 EX Model Exass which I purchased a month back.

On a more lighter note, I was recently convinced by CF to watch Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (yea say that ten times as fast as you can). My Impression of it initially was that is was gonna be a light hearted magical girl show akin to Pretty Cure or something like that.

But oh man, was I wrong. Minor spoilers ahead, the first few episodes literally takes logic and throws it out of the window. You’d gotta be pretty damn dedicated, that or abstractive, to actually want to continue past episode 3. However as things go on, it starts to makes more sense thanks to that fcking cat Kyubey, and eventually the events leading to episode 10 would answer the mystery revolving around the plot of the series.

Well, in any case the series finale is by far the most epic thing I have ever watched in my life. Im pretty sure there are more better ones out there, but considering the genre of the series and the direction it was going, I couldnt ask for anything more.

To say the least, its a love story about courage and hope and sacrifice.

What else can I say? This be one of the more psychological shows I’ve seen. Surprisingly It kinda reminded me of Bokurano, both of which dealing with hopes and death. But at least Madoka Magica has the more epic ending. If I were more of the emotional type, I would have wept buckets. Who knows? Maybe the next season will finally be a real light hearted magical girl show.

I’m pretty sure CF will be doing a review of it (not that his 4koma autopsy series gave it away) but I’m sure our thoughts about it are quite equal. Next up on the watch list, Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors? Or maybe Infinite Stratos?

In any case, I need some Morning Lescue~



~ by Raisha on April 29, 2011.

One Response to “Save in the Name of True Love”

  1. I ain’t doing a review on it, that deranged 4koma series WAS the review.

    And i don’t think I could watch a potential season two seriously. If it is even being made again, and we’re not just being trolled for the second time. XD

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