Looking Beyond

“The landscape of many Blue and Yellow Zones is dotted with tall cylindrical structures known as Tiberium Spikes. These automated extraction platforms slowly pull Tiberium out of subterranean deposits and refine it on location so that resources are available for immediate use. GDI Commanders are encouraged to commandeer Tiberium Spikes in the field to help sustain their forward operating bases. A combat engineer deployed into a Tiberium Spike can channel resources to the production structure of a base.

Commanders are encouraged to provide compensation to the legitimate owners of commandeered Tiberium Spikes in the form of GDI vouchers that can be redeemed in Reykjavik for credits. Note that Spikes extract at different rates depending on the size and nature of the underlying Tiberium deposits, so the flow of resources may vary from location to location.”

-Commandeering Tiberium Spikes

Adapted from Tiberium Wars

Gah, with my army enlistment at November, I’ve got 6 months of absolutely nothing to do.

That said, I’ve been thinking of getting a job. But somehow another half of me is thinking of using the time for more better purpose. Namely to improve my digital drawing and coloring abilities in preparation for Sentinal Revelations.

Currently me and CF are at least at 60% through the storyboard. We’ve been meeting up on fridays/saturdays the past week and are quite satisfied at the direction its going. Suffice to say, it seems the storyboard wont be done until sometime next year. If we’re lucky it may be done before we get enlisted. Even then theres the final run-though and the script before we finally get down to drawing it.

With that, the series will be going live in approximately 2 years.

And man, that be bloody long. I blame the enlistment mostly for the 2 years, but I guess that cant be helped. And then after that theres many decisions to make, which brings me to my next point.

What to do after that. I brought the topic up to CF the other night and we’re now at a quandary as to what to do. Just as much as I want to see this series garner some fame on the internet, I cant help but wonder how lucrative it will be unless we actually publish it (locally or otherwise).

If we officially publish the series in the future, chances are we wont be able to upload it on DA or anywhere else. Purchasing it will be the only way to read it and it might be hard for fans outside of the country to get their hands on it.

That said I’m not even sure if there are any publishing companies that would take in our work. TCZ studio (the people behind Celestial Zone) might just have a look (and when I say might, I mean slim chance), but if not there are very few other options especially within Singapore. However if it works out, it will be very easy to get the word out, garner some fans and roll in some gold and even make a lucrative stable business out of it.

On the other hand, if we do it free it will be quite hard to make a stable income out of it. However, the viewers will definitely rejoice at something they can easily view online than having to purchase it. That said the only source of income from this method is merchandising, something I haven’t really thought fully (Naki dakimakuras? LOL) and may not be very stable.

Decisions decisions… I’m all for option 1 for the monetary gain. But I cant help but wanna do option 2 not just the for monetary gain but also for the fame and pride of it being our work.

In any case, I’d like to hear how you guys would go about trying to bring a potential comic series into the lime light. Is publishing this series in Singapore even possible? And would you rather publish it as a comic, or go free as a webcomic?

Man, thats alot of text to make you tl;dr. Perhaps a trip to this coming AFA would raise something….



~ by Raisha on May 2, 2011.

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