1/144 EX-Model Exass Review

“InOps have confirmed that the missile used to destroy the Philadelphia was launched from an underground silo connected to Nod’s Nuclear Launch Facility in Cairo. Detection of this facility by sat-surveillance prior to the Philadelphia incident was difficult because most of the structures were buried underground or disguised. Since the start of TW3, Nod has removed the masking above ground to facilitate launch operations. The underground silo that launched the Philadelphia strike is now inactive, with Nod’s launch operations transferred to a central raised platform with a much lower cycle time between missile launches.”

-Intelligence Database, Strike on Philadelphia originated at Nod’s Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility.

Adapted from Tiberium Wars

Today I’ll be reviewing the 1/144 scale EX-Model Exass from the Gundam Seed Destiny line.

It appeared early into the start of Gundam Seed Destiny and was piloted by Neo Roanoke of the Phantom Pain group. After using it to assist in the escape of the Chaos, Gaia and Abyss Gundams, he continued to use it until the Break of the World incident. From that point on Neo switched to his custom purple Windam (which, sadly, we will never see a model kit of) for the rest of his battles on earth. What became of the Exass, we will never know. However a blue variant used by Morgan Chevalier does exist.

To start of, this is by far my first model kit from the EX-Model line. If you must know, he EX-Model line does mostly some of the other less prominent units from different series such as ships and tanks. After seeing what I presumed was one of the last Exass’s in a dying lineage, I simply had to get my hands on it. I expected it to be considerably detailed and pre-colored just like the HG line.

Boy was I disappointed.

Right off the box, the main bulk of the parts trees are all completely pink. In fact, any of the minor colors that show up on the Exass such as the baby pink and white are completely absent. Even the beam effect parts provided are clear. Not that its really that big a deal considering the surprises Bandai has given us before, but it adds another nail to the coffin.

Despite that however, there are some good points to it and I will go on to explain in a moment. But first…

The only articulation your gonna get on the Exass is in its main weapon, two beam cannons mounted on the underside of the unit. The turret is capable of rotating 360 degrees and the cannons themselves are also able to rotate 360 on the sides of the turret, though it can be abit finicky. On a similar not the weapon is rather long, just as much as the Exass is as long as a mobile suit is tall. Theres also a gimmick on the top part of the body to reveal missile pods.

For accessories, the Exass comes with quite a bunch. You get,

– 1 gray stand (for the Exass)

– 1 machine gun add-on

– 4 purple stands (for the gun pods)

– 4 clear beam effect parts

– 4 pairs of gun pod cannons

– 2 pieces of black wires

The machine gun add on connects to a hole at the front bottom of the unit. When not in use, a cover is provided to seal up that unsightly hole. The same gimmick is used for the gun pods and the beam effect parts. Interestingly enough you get four beam effect parts.

The cannon parts for the gun pods work on the same feature. When not in use, theres a cover to simulate the cannons being stored. Once again like the beam parts you get four pairs of cannons to use.

This means you can have all four gun pods fully functioning and fully armed!

I only have to gripes about the Exass. Firstly is the fact that it requires quite a good deal of coloring. Abit of a beginners trap, especially if you were to believe that the EX-Model line is just like the HG line. I managed to color mine using Gundam markers. While abit fail, at least it beats having a mostly pink Exass.

Secondly and lastly would be the connection points between the Exass and its gun pods. Seriously. Those little triangular pieces are effing brittle and wont stay in place least I wrap the entire thing in elephant glue (and my God, elephant glue is serious stuff). I accidentally dropped it off my bed and straight away one of it broke. Gah. Elephant glue once again to the rescue. The worse part is that trying to remove the gun pods may sometimes damage the pieces as well.


Play value


Requires painting for maximum detail

Fragile gun pod connection point

Overall, the EX-Model line kinda disappointed me. While I do plan to get the Mobieus Zero/Skygrasper two-in-one set (also which from EX) I can anticipate that it too would require a good level of work to it. However in the end, the Exass is certainly quite a good model too look at both in detail, scale, and whatnot and would certainly look good alongside other models from the early Gundam Seed Destiny series. But due to its brittleness, Im probably not gonna try moving the gun pods too often.

Final Rating 2.5/5 stars



~ by Raisha on May 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “1/144 EX-Model Exass Review”

  1. Thanks for reviewing this! Considering picking this up, and… well… after reading this, I’ll have to flip a coin about whether or not the painting is worth it.

    • If your painting skills are good, this will definitely be worth it.
      Other than that it will just be a rather expensive display ornament.

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