-About Silent Stronghold-

Silent Stronghold is a blog dedicated to putting the poll on life as well as doing model kit reviews.

Has life been sucky or awesome? Did you shit a brick reading this? Did God work wonders for you in school? Was the iced milo you drank this morning simply the best or you cant stop ranting about how you got scammed off 5 bucks buying a 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser separately just to realise there was a two-in-one kit less than a min away?

Well im living through most of that and rest assured, I will be updating you on all those in the most humouros way I can. This is what you call ‘a slice of life’. Ala Raisha.


All posts are sorted into specific catagories. In order to make your way around, its good to know which posts go where. They all can be found in the ‘Stronghold Archives’ tab on the right.

Intel Database – Majority of the bulk on Silent Stronghold. Any updates, trash or whatnot by me all goes here.

Notes from the Field – If Nicolia takes control at any point of time, her posts will be indicated with this.

Classified Information – A stand alone category for top secret information. If you can get in, its all yours.

Model Kit Reviews – All Gunpla models and special reviews are stored here and have kit titles for easy viewing.

Misc Reviews – Reviews/Guides that aren’t Gunpla related is stashed here. Doesn’t seem like I have any ‘misc’ reviews to do, but you’ll see one pretty soon.

In God’s Faith – Inspired by a certain ‘Cleric’, anything related to the great works of Lord, be it revelations, inspirations, events are highlighted as such.

Crazy Files – Anything game, shit, or dud related winds up here.


  I can also be found through the mass media:

Email/MSN – tiberium243@hotmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/kirby.yeo?ref=profile

Project Imas – http://forum.project-imas.com/index.php?action=profile



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